BRIZA: weathered atlantic white cedar

BRIZA features atlantic white cedar, from the coastal plains of the USA, that is designed with a weathered aesthetic for exterior siding and interior wall cladding

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BRIZA,  by reSAWN TIMBER co., features atlantic white cedar that is sustainably harvested along the coastal plain region of the United States and intended to provide a high performing, natural material with a weathered aesthetic.

BRIZA can be used for interior or exterior wall cladding and is available in select and select tight knot grade. Select grade atlantic white cedar contains few character marks. In contrast, select tight knot atlantic white cedar is immediately recognizable for it’s large knots and various, distinct character marks.

Combining atlantic white cedar’s impressive exterior reputation and reSAWN’s design process, BRIZA is durable, dimensionally stable, resistant to rot and insects, and has a grey, weathered look. BRIZA can be treated to Class A Fire Rating for Interior Applications – please call to inquire. For exterior applications reSAWN recommends sealing the face and back.

reSAWN’s WEATHERED designs offer a consistent aesthetic from the moment of installation. As a natural building material, wood cladding weathers inconsistently and can be unpredictable. BRIZA provides an exterior material with minimal aesthetic variation.

Our sealing process makes for beautifully designed exterior wood siding.  Like any exterior wood siding prefinished or finished in place, these materials will weather naturally over time and will require normal cleaning and maintenance.  For interior applications, expect little to no change.  

reSAWN offers a multitude of high-performing exterior species that include western red cedar, atlantic white cedar, Accoya wood, and Kebony.  In addition to weathered finishes and unfinished wood species, reSAWN’s exterior offering includes their award-winning CHARRED designs, which are inspired by the Japanese tradition “shou sugi ban.”

reSAWN is dedicated to providing high-performance, long-lasting cladding material, and has developed its product line based on observations of experienced industry leaders and a first-hand understanding of customer needs.

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SOLID: 3/4″




6′-16′ random lengths


standardly Tongue & Groove
available S4S, shiplap and custom profiles


atlantic white cedar


select tight knot


stained & sealed on face only–Interiors
stained & sealed face & back–Exteriors


EXTERIOR siding and INTERIOR cladding