The Apollo D.C. – Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.

Architecture & Design:

reSAWN TIMBER co. – enCORE collection
Antique Reclaimed Oak

Character grade – prefinished with matte polyurethane

Tongue & Groove, Endmatched, Microbeveled Edges and Ends

Engineered: 5/8” (4mm wear layer) thick X 4-1/2” wide X 18″-7-1/2′ random lengths

Stair Treads:

3/4″ X 12-1/4″  X 48″

Stair Risers:

3/4″ X  7″  X 48″

Stair Nosing:

3/4″ X  4-1/2″  X 48″


Located at the epicenter of H Street in Washington, D.C., The Apollo brings an exciting apartment complex to one of the most dynamic neighborhoods in D.C. The lobby is large and open with a full bar and seating area to the right of the front desk and elevators located behind the desk. White tile floors lead up to the most impressive feature of the new complex: a three level balcony that includes reSAWN’s Antique Reclaimed Oak flooring, wall claddings, and stair treads from the enCORE collection.

The three level balcony features ample seating that overlook the restaurants and shops of H Street through floor to ceiling windows. Ample communal and private seating are ideal spaces for intimate business meetings, date nights, working from home, or simply, relaxation. reSAWN’s Antique Reclaimed Oak flows from the bottom of the first set of stairs throughout the balcony up another flight of stairs to the top level. A character grade reclaimed product from the enCORE collection, the flooring, cladding, and stairs are custom finished to provide a rustic aesthetic to the space.

Built on the site of the legendary Apollo Theatre, the building effortlessly combines past and present. Here you’ll find the best in D.C. design, paired with a relaxed vibe and all the comforts of home. With a Whole Foods located on the bottom floor of the complex, The Apollo features amenities that include a rooftop gathering space, a conservatory, and prime location to restaurants and shops.

In Streetsense’s world, collaboration drives innovation. They’re better architects because they’re brokers, better designers because they’re developers, and better analysts because they’re planners, especially when everyone has a seat at the table. Multi-disciplinary, multi-talented, and multi-cultural, they challenge each other and their clients to think about things a little differently.

reSAWN’s enCORE COLLECTION features antique reclaimed woods in solid & engineered construction for architectural specification.  The unique beauty of antique wood is preserved & celebrated in this collection.  Expect a warm palette of colors, with dense & varying grain patterns.  Typical character marks include mineral staining, color changes, weathering, checking, nail holes, and knots.

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