HAI shou sugi ban charred cypress exterior siding sealed on all 4 sides for added protection against the elements.  Materials were specified by loadingdock5.


HAI :: shou sugi ban cypress exterior siding


Exterior Siding:
HAI shou sugi ban charred exterior siding
select grade – sealed on all 4 sides
7/8″ thick X 5-1/2″ W X 8′-16′ random lengths


Located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, this townhouse is clad in reSAWN’s HAI shou sugi ban charred exterior siding. This project features select grade cypress siding that has been burnt in the Japanese tradition of shou sugi ban and sealed on all 4 sides for added protection against the elements.

This ancient technique is gaining new life as a unique and modern interior and exterior wall cladding. The wood is carefully charred, misted with water, cooled, brushed to remove dust and loose debris, and then stained/sealed to create the unique designs you will find in the CHARRED collection.  The top coat sealer is applied prior to shipping (for exterior applications, we recommend sealing the face & back).

Materials were specified by loadingdock5, an architectural studio located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that strives for quality design, innovation, and sustainable design solutions.

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