Private Residence – Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA


Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Exterior Siding:
reSAWN TIMBER co. – CHARRED collection
MURASAKI – shou sugi ban charred cypress
#2 Common Grade
Burnt on face only, sealed face & back
13/16” thick X 5-1/8” wide
Tongue & Groove

The private residence in Los Angeles, CA commands attention for its polygonal structure and use of bright, warm colors. In addition to the other design elements, reSAWN TIMBER co.’s MURASAKI shou sugi ban charred cypress adds complexity and beauty with it’s pronounced wood grain. The neutral tones of the exterior siding allow the other architectural elements to stand out. Designed by hughesumbanhowar architects, the house is an ode to the firm’s philosophy to be “guided by curiosity and intelligence.”

While the residence is a modern design, it was expertly created to allow the homeowner to enjoy nature. Specifically, the “hanging” porch and open den area connect the beautiful California weather with the comfort of home. Bright accent colors surround the largely neutral tones of the main structure.

reSAWN’s award-winning CHARRED collection pays homage to the traditional Japanese technique of “shou-sugi-ban” aka “yakisugi” without being literal.  Historically very specific in their definition, “shou-sugi-ban” and “yakisugi” have become common nomenclature for modern charred wood designs in general.  All of reSAWN’s CHARRED products are made in the USA, in their facility in Telford, PA. reSAWN uses domestic wood species whenever possible, including Cypress from the Southern US, Cedar from the Pacific Northwest and domestic White Oak, Black Walnut, Red Oak & Ash as well as reclaimed woods from the US.

The designs in the CHARRED collection have been carefully developed using modern finishes and incorporating reSAWN’s many years of experience in the architectural & design specification market.  reSAWN manufacturers charred wood products for a range of applications including exterior siding, interior wall cladding & flooring, and custom furniture.

hughesumbanhowar architects is an architectural firm with studios in South Florida and Los Angeles. They create buildings, objects and projects for discriminating and engaged clients. The work they do is a reflection of their interest in craft, form and building technology in response to the contemporary condition. Guided by curiosity and intelligence, they excel in translating materials and state-of-the-art technology into practical, unique and solution oriented projects to the benefit of clients and the broader community.

Photography–© 2017 Made By Miz

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