Studio – Vermont, US

Vermont, US

Daisy Jacobs

Frederick J Jacobs

Exterior Wall Cladding:
MATSU – shou sugi ban charred Accoya®
Burnt on face and along edges, sealed on all four sides
3/4” thick X 2-1/2” wide xALL 14′ long

Daisy Jacobs ‘studio’, located on an open field in the forests of Vermont, US is a reclusive space to think, paint or write, that offers protection from and exposure to nature at the same time.

DAISY JACOBS was founded in 2016 by Daisy Jacobs and is based in Bern, Switzerland. The studio designs and builds architecture projects and produces art and written works as theoretical research into architecture, space and current cultural conditions. They believe in creating architecture out of its foundation in art, philosophy, craftsmanship and the human body. The approach to the projects is based on the one hand, on the search for the relationships between the human body and its surrounding space. On the other hand, on the impact and possibilities that lie within setting a line, a border or a building into an urban or natural landscape.

Planned to provide a getaway for writers and artists, the cabin is clad with reSAWN’s MATSU shou sugi ban charred Accoya and can entirely open up to the hilly green landscape, while its interior is as white as an empty canvas.

The interior cladding and the built-in furniture were made out of rough sawn timber, the floor was poured as part of the foundation and the exterior facade was clad in reSAWN’s weather-proof burnt Accoya. The Studio is a simple timber frame construction with the roof built out of engineered timber joists. That way the traditional building techniques could be used for this contemporary building.

The studio has been featured in Design Boom, Arch Daily, and Archello.

The concept picks up and enforces the transition from the protective pine trees towards the wide opening into the landscape. The spatial experience creates a continuous balancing act between the perceptions of being lost in nature and being protected by a defined architectural framework.


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