The Bartlett Pentagon City Apartments – Arlington, VA

Arlington, VA

Hartman Design Group

Interior Wall Cladding:
KUJAKU – shou sugi ban charred cypress
Select grade
Burnt and sealed on face only
13/16” thick X 5-1/8” wide
Tongue & Groove
DUSK – original cut white oak
Character grade
Prefinished w/ hardwax oil
Engineered: 5/8” thick (4mm wear layer) X 5” wide
Tongue & Groove

Just west of Washington D.C., The Bartlett is a high-end residential complex in the heart of Pentagon City. The complex features numerous amenities for its residents that include valet dry cleaning, poolside deck shop, and pet grooming, and is situated between a Whole Foods Market and boutique coffee shop. On the 16th floor, Hartman Design Group created a loft area with games, full kitchen, and outdoor patio that includes reSAWN TIMBER co.’s KUJAKU shou sugi ban charred cypress and DUSK original cut white oak wall cladding.

The loft opens up with two glass doors that lead into the pool table and foosball table. Surrounding the game area is a communal dining space that connects the full kitchen to the sitting room with three TVs. Brightly lit and simply decorated, the kitchen uses KUJAKU shou sugi ban charred cypress as wall cladding and to surround the island. Directly across from the kitchen is the TV area that contrasts DUSK original cut white oak wall cladding with the loft’s red design accents.

KUJAKU features cypress burnt in the Japanese style of shou sugi ban. KUJAKU can be used as exterior siding or interior wall cladding, and is available in either select or #2 common grade. The higher the grade, the higher the wood is expected to perform, especially in exterior applications. reSAWN’s cypress is sourced from the southern United States. With its legendary beauty and natural durability, cypress has long been a staple as an exterior wood siding product.  Because cypress generates its own preservative oil, called cypressene, it’s an ideal wood for locations with constant heat, humidity, and torrential rains.

DUSK is an original cut white oak with a textured surface. Original cut is a way of cutting the log that incorporates plain sawn, rift sawn and quarter sawn grain patterns and all grades and character marks into the final product. DUSK is pre-finished with our hardwax oil which is natural, non-toxic and 100% VOC-free. our hardwax oil produces a durable, matte finish that respects the natural look and feel of the wood.

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