Private Dojo – Portola Valley, CA

Portola Valley, CA

Jagoda Architecture

Exterior Siding:

MONGATARI – shou sugi ban charred cypress
Select Grade
Burnt on face only, sealed face & back
13/16” thick X 5-1/8” wide
Tongue & Groove

Located just west of Palo Alto, the California Dojo is a fusion of Japanese tradition and modern California design. The inclusion of reSAWN’s MONOGATARI shou sugi ban exterior siding and interior western red cedar represent the combination of tradition and modernity as well as functionality and aesthetics. Inspired by Japan’s martial arts tradition, the residential building demonstrates simplicity, natural wood architecture, and functionality.

Down a small hill from the property’s main residence, the dojo maintains privacy and the prominence of nature with its surrounding trees and native greenery. Respecting the use of natural wood for its calming warmth and performance features, the raw cedar of the interior cladding contrasts the MONOGATARI shou sugi ban exterior siding.

reSAWN’s CHARRED offering features cypress, western red cedar, Accoya, Kebony, black walnut, red oak, white oak and reclaimed hemlock that is burnt in the Japanese tradition of shou sugi ban.  Our award-winning CHARRED products pay homage to the traditional Japanese technique of “shou-sugi-ban” aka “yakisugi” without being literal. 

Emily Jagoda has lived in California since 1991.  A licensed architect since 2004, Jagoda has a M.Arch degree from SCI_Arc (1995) and a B.Arch from Columbia University (1990). Described as a “white-hot neutron bomb of creativity” by the late critic and urban designer John Leighton Chase, Jagoda designs spaces that are simultaneously relevant, resilient, and unique.

Jagoda takes pride in designing projects that aren’t easily identified with a particular decade. While rooted in modernist traditions in general, but influenced by vernacular and the charming, the aim is toward a more timeless architecture. Focussing on the space itself and the play of light within both work toward that aim as well.

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