R House -Baltimore, MD
Developer- Seawall Development Co.

Exterior Siding:
DUNCAN – shou sugi ban charred cedar
select tight knot
Burnt on face only, sealed face & back
3/4” thick X 5-1/8” wide
Tongue & Groove

Formerly Anderson’s Body Shop, R House has converted the Baltimore warehouse into a 350-seat food hall. The food hall features 10 different walk-up restaurants that are scattered along the outer wall of the space. Despite food options ranging from arepas to sushi, the bar, which features local, craft beer and specialty cocktails, is the main gathering point. During warm days and nights, large garage doors are opened to connect an outdoor patio area with the main dining room. The large wrap-around porch is cladded with reSAWN’s DUNCAN shou sugi ban charred western red cedar.

“We call this thing R. House — we want it to be welcoming like a home,” said Jon Constable, development manager at Seawall Development Co., in an interview with the Baltimore Sun. “We’re trying to create just the friendliest, warmest place in the city” (Baltimore Sun). In addition to the homelike environment, Seawall hoped to continue Baltimore’s reputation as a developing city for art and food. R House features a “test stall” that allows chefs to experiment with new concepts and dishes for a short period of time that ranges from two weeks to two months.

The inclusion of reSAWN’s DUNCAN shou sugi ban western red cedar builds on the ownership group’s desire to create an aesthetic that recognizes and celebrates the Remington neighborhood and Baltimore in general. DUNCAN’s select tight knot grade provides a natural wood design that combines with the weathered stone facade to match Remington’s hardworking culture.

CHARRED using the ancient Japanese technique of shou sugi ban, DUNCAN has a layer of protection from water, insect, and rot. The burning of the wood carbonizes the exterior layer, which causes the cells to resist the moisture absorption process. DUNCAN is fully charred, brushed, and finished to accentuate the natural wood grain. Western red cedar has proved its effectiveness as an exterior siding product with inherent durability and dimensional stability that have been used by native cultures for more than 100 years. Western red cedar natural generates Thujaplicans and Phenolics, which resists decay caused by insects, moisture infiltration, and fungi.

Seawall believes that thoughtful real estate projects can revive neighborhoods and inspire great ideas. When passionate people get together, barriers are broken down and new ideas are born. They believe in building from the inside out—by inviting tenants, chefs and neighbors to drive the design, as they have done with all of their projects and with R. House.

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