This Seattle residence selected  SORA show sugi ban for the interior wall cladding in this renovated fire station.


SORA :: shou sugi ban cypress wall cladding


Interior Wall Cladding:
SORA – charred cypress – burnt and sealed on face only
Select Grade
13/16” thick X 5-1/8″ wide X ALL 8′ Lengths



This private residence is located in the Queen Anne Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. The beautifully renovated fire station features reSAWN’s SORA shou sugi ban interior wall cladding.

Queen Anne Hill is a neighborhood and geographic feature in Seattle, Washington, northwest of downtown. The neighborhood sits on the highest named hill in the city, with a maximum elevation of 456 feet. It covers an area of 2.8 sq mi, and has a population of about 28,000. Queen Anne is bordered by Belltown to the south, Lake Union to the east, the Lake Washington Ship Canal to the north and Interbay to the west. The hill became a popular spot for the city’s early economic and cultural elite to build their mansions, and the name derives from the architectural style typical of many of the early homes.

The ancient technique of shou sugi ban is gaining new life as a unique and modern interior and exterior wall cladding. The wood is carefully charred, misted with water, cooled, brushed to remove dust and loose debris, and then stained/sealed to create the unique designs you will find in the CHARRED collection.  The top coat sealer is applied prior to shipping (for exterior applications, we recommend sealing the face & back).

Longport Residence - shou sugi ban & white oak
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