Echo Lake Project – Shoreline, WA

Architect: Atelier Drome

Builder: Raincap Construction

Exterior Cladding

CUSTOM – Shou Sugi Ban Charred Cypress
Select Grade
Finished on Face Only, Sealed on Back & 2 Long Edges

Product Sizes (2)
Solid +/- 13/16” thick x +/- 5-1/8” wide x 6′-16′
Tongue & Groove

Finished on Face Only, Sealed on Back & 2 Long Edges
Solid +/- 13/16” thick x +/- 5-1/8” wide x 12′-16′
Tongue & Groove

The installation phase of the Echo Lake Project is currently underway in Shoreline, WA. This tranquil town, situated outside of Seattle, is surrounded by scenic marinas and parks, offering ample opportunities for recreational pursuits. The project involved replacing a detached studio space with a new addition to the main house. Striving for a natural aesthetic, the owners focused on integrating materials with earthy and neutral tones. Charred Cypress, known for its distinct wood grain patterns, elegantly highlights the organic colors and textures found in nature, aligning seamlessly with the owner’s vision.

Cypress has long been a preferred choice for wood cladding because it naturally produces a preservative oil called Cypressene. This natural preservative oil safeguards the wood against rot and decay, making it particularly resilient in regions with high levels of precipitation and humidity. Adding a charred layer to this wood species further enhances its durability, ensuring long-lasting performance. Charred Cypress is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. 

Project Needs: For this single-family residential home, the clients envisioned an addition that embraced both sustainability and a serene, minimalist aesthetic. With inspiration from Japanese and Scandinavian design styles, they sought clean sleek lines to harmonize the house with its wooded landscape. Prioritizing durability and a connection to nature, they were drawn to a dark exterior siding that required minimal upkeep, particularly resonating with the rich, textured look of Shou Sugi Ban and other charred wood finishes.

Project Solutions: Collaborating closely with a reSAWN specification consultant, the clients meticulously reviewed a variety of Shou Sugi Ban products. After thorough consideration, they confidently selected a CUSTOM charred Cypress product that met their aesthetic and functionality expectations. 

Project Results: Raincap Construction demonstrated their expertise by skillfully installing the charred Cypress exterior siding, achieving a flawless, crisp finish. The design concept incorporates a deliberate contrast in orientations: horizontal for the existing structure and vertical for the new addition. The design sets apart the new primary bedroom suite and one-car garage, yet seamlessly blends with the surrounding landscape, fostering a sense of peace and unity in the living spaces. Delighted with the product’s exceptional quality, Atelier Drome Architecture expressed a keen interest in exploring reSAWN’s interior products for potential inclusion in future projects.

Atelier Drome is a woman-owned design firm that is dedicated to making exceptional design accessible to all, regardless of the project type. They foster collaborative and inclusive design where every voice and ideas are equally valued. They are passionate about understanding their client’s unique vision, desires, and needs. 

Raincap Construction + Electric offers top-tier home remodeling and electrical services for Seattle homeowners, builders, and architects. As a family-owned company with decades of experience, they prioritize delivering the highest quality craftsmanship and advanced attention to detail to exceed customers’ expectations.