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reSAWN TIMBER co. is proud to introduce Sylva™ thermally modified wood cladding. Sylva features wood cladding that is sourced from abundant and sustainably grown U.S. forests. Currently, our offering consists of Thermally Modified North American Red Oak products that are locally sourced and manufactured in Pennsylvania. They are stable, weather-resistant, FSC®-Certified, and comply with Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) requirements, ensuring their longevity.

North American Red Oak is the most abundant hardwood in the eastern and central regions of the United States and southern Canada. The species thrives in cold, wet winters and hot, humid summers, making it extremely adaptable to various climates. Red Oaks are fast-growing, sprouting up to 24 inches per year and reaching a mature height of 60 to 90 feet. They flourish in sunlight and require a gap in the canopy to mature. Red Oak features a uniform heartwood color and tight growth rings. 

Thermally modified wood is made by heating hardwood up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and followed by a steaming process to recondition the wood. The modification changes the wood’s molecular structure, making it highly durable and resistant to water damage.


Benefits of Sylva Thermally Modified North American Red Oak:


  • FSC®-Certified: reSAWN’s Red Oak is sustainably harvested from FSC®-Certified forests. Foresters are certified through the Pennsylvania Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). 
  • WUI Compliant: Safest wood choice for projects located in wildland-urban interface zones. 
  • Structurally Sound: Outstanding dimensional stability. Resistant to shrinking, swelling, or warping, making it an ideal choice for outdoor applications.
  • Moisture Resistant: The heat treatment modifies the wood’s cell structure reducing potential for moisture absorption.
  • 100% Grown and Produced in the USA: This product is locally cultivated, designed, and manufactured in Pennsylvania, USA. 
  • Protect Rainforests: A safer alternative to tropical rainforests species.
  • Chemical Free: Safe production process, no oil, plastic, resin, wax, or other additives. 
  • Warranty: Supported by a 25-year warranty against rot and decay. 
  • Low Carbon Footprint: Fully sourced and produced in the USA and is an environmentally compatible substitute for carbon-intensive materials.

Introducing Sylva to reSAWN’s offerings signifies more than just offering resilient and durable building materials; it’s an embodiment of our commitment to sustainable innovation. Having our product cultivated and thermally modified within our home state enables us to track its origins and sourcing methods, guaranteeing complete traceability throughout its lifecycle.

The thermally modified Red Oak product line includes 12 products, with 5 of them featuring the Shou Sugi Ban technique during the manufacturing process. These products are suitable for both exterior and interior applications.

At reSAWN, our foundation lies in our commitment to sustainability, maintaining transparency, and upholding integrity. With these values at the core of our company, our products continue to carry profound meaning and purpose.



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