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reSAWN TIMBER co.’s WALNUT collection features wide plank north american black walnut wood interior wall cladding and flooring that is prefinished and available in solid & engineered construction.  These designs emphasize the natural color & beauty of black walnut.   All designs are available as FSC ® upon request.


Charred, Steamed, or Unsteamed


Select or Character


Heartwood ranges from a deep, rich dark brown to a purplish black. Sapwood is nearly white to tan.


Mostly straight and open, but some boards have burled or curly grain.


3/4″ (5mm wear layer) thick x 8″ wide
5/8″ (4mm wear layer) thick x 7″ wide

The process of steaming walnut involves putting the freshly sawn lumber (tight-piled and not stickered for drying) into a chamber. The wet wood is injected with wet steam in a chamber to achieve a temperature around 200′ F. Wood exposed to such heat will oxidize rapidly, and a darker color will develop in both the heartwood and the sapwood. Additionally, the heat will cause the air within the wood to expand and push dark colored water out of the wood, which adds further rich walnut color to the light sapwood.


reSAWN’s black walnut products utilize the steaming process to darken lighter sapwood. Steamed walnut creates a deep, rich walnut tone, and the resulting product has a more even monochromatic brown aesthetic across heartwood and sapwood. In addition to steaming, reSAWN specializes in various finishing techniques that highlight the natural beauty of black walnut. The following products are offered as steamed: WILLIAMSPORT, WESTPORT, BELLEPORT, STOCKPORT, ROCKPORT, and LONGPORT.


Unsteamed black walnut creates a greater color variation between lighter sapwood and darker heartwood. The lighter color of the sapwood is present on the outer edges of a plank, and leads to a more dramatic color contrast and characteristic. reSAWN offers the following unsteamed black walnut products: BRIDGEPORT and HARBOR.


A flooring product with color variations produced by differences of natural heartwood and sapwood, along with characters described. Brown streaks should not extend the entire length of a piece. Two flag worm holes to every 8’ are permitted. Slight imperfections in face work (torn grain) admitted. The face may contain unlimited sound sapwood, slight imperfections in milling, a small tight knot every 3’, pin worm holes, burls, and a reasonable amount of slightly open checks.


Contains prominent variations in coloration and varying characters. Open characters such as checks and knot holes are allowed and will be filled if floor is specified as prefinished. The following are not admitted: broken knots over 1” in diameter, large grub worm holes, splits extending through the piece. Allowances include sticker stain and varying wood characteristics such as flag worm holes, heavy streaks, checks, worm holes, and an occasional dark machine burn across the face not exceeding 1/2″ wide.