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reSAWN offers Alaskan Yellow Cedar (AYC) as a sustainable exterior material. Yellow Cedar trees can be found along the North American Pacific Coast from the California-Oregon border to Southern Alaska. AYC is highly aromatic and highly decay resistant. It has exceptional resistance to exterior elements and insects and is easy to work with. It can be used for exterior wall & roof cladding and interior wall & ceiling cladding.

Using a classic building material like Alaskan Yellow Cedar, reSAWN has modernized and expanded the possible design options with our pre-weathered finish.


Sourced along the Pacific coast from Alaska to Oregon, Alaskan yellow cedar is well known as the hardest cedar in the world. It’s slow growth rate makes it highly resistant to disease and decay. It also has a high degree of stability. We chose Alaskan yellow cedar for its ability to accept and hold finishes, which made it a perfect species for our weathered designs. The weathered designs provide an exterior material that will have minimal aesthetic variation throughout its installation lifecycle.

  • DURABILITY– Alaskan yellow cedar is a naturally durable softwood that creates extractives (Thujaplicans and Phenolics) that ward off decay caused by insects, water infiltration, and fungi. The extractives increase with age leading to a longer lasting product life cycle–especially in exterior applications.
  • DIMENSIONAL STABILITY– AYC has very low shrinkage factors and is largely superior to all other coniferous softwoods in its resistance to warping, checking, and twisting.
  • THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY– AYC’s low densities give it a high thermal insulating value because it contains a high proportion of cell cavities. In dry wood, these cavities are filled with air which is one of the best known thermal insulators. The R value is 1.35″ (34mm) of thickness.
  • FIRE RESISTANCE–reSAWN’s WEATHERED CEDAR has a Flame Spread Index of 40 and a Smoke Developed Index of 140 to give it a Class B Rating. It can be fire treated to Class A for interior projects.
eSAWN TIMBER co. pre-weathered WILLIWAW Alaskan yellow cedar

Clear cedar has a limited number of natural characteristics and is specified when appearance of the highest quality is desired. Clear grades of timbers are normally supplied green (unseasoned). When required, seasoning is achieved by air-drying.

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Rokino Road :: SiOO:X Vulcan Cladding

Abodo®’s Vulcan timber in SiOO:X finish has been used extensively on the exterior of the home, in additional to the front door.
McDonald's at Sunny Side - HALLO shou sugi ban Kebony

McDonald’s at Sunny Side :: HALLO shou sugi ban charred Kebony®

McDonald’s first Net-Zero Energy restaurant at the Walt Disney World Resort features reSAWN’s HALLO shou sugi ban charred Kebony® wood.
Ngārara Eco Development Sioo:x

Ngārara Eco Development :: SiOO:X & NERO Vulcan Cladding

Carefully crafted by by First Light Studio Ltd, these eye catching townhouses are clad in Abodo®’s Vulcan Cladding in SiOO:X and NERO finishes.

Hard Rock Lane :: SORA shou sugi ban

This modern mountain house features reSAWN's SORA shou sugi ban charred cypress. SORA can be used for interior or exterior wall cladding.

Douglassville Residence :: CHEERIO European White Oak

Located in Douglassville, PA, this modern residence features CHEERIO wide plank European White Oak flooring prefinished with a matte polyurethane.

High Desert Retreat :: YOSHIMI Charred Accoya® wood

Located in Santa Rosa Mountains, California, High Desert Retreat features reSAWN's shou sugi ban charred black FSC-Certified Accoya on the interior and exterior of this magnificent residence
Cardrona Cabin - Abodo Vulcan Screening - SiOO:X

Cardrona Cabin :: Abodo Vulcan Screening in SiOO:X finish

Located in the resort town of Wanaka NZ, the Cardrona Cabin showcases the sustainability, durability and beauty of Abodo prefinished with SiOO:X wood protector.
Gilpin Abodo NERO

Gilpin Street Residence :: Abodo Vulcan Cladding in NERO finish

Located in Denver, Colorado Abodo Vulcan Cladding in NERO creates a beautiful natural contrast on the exterior of this modern farm house.
Air Lease Corporation WILLIWAW

Air Lease Corporation :: WILLIWAW Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Air Lease Corporation located in Los Angeles, Califorinia features reSAWN's WILLIWAW Weathered Alaskan Yellow Cedar wall cladding.
Abodo Jack's Straw

Jack’s Point :: Abodo Vulcan Cladding in STRAW finish

Jack's Point, beautifully designed by Queenstown Architect and completed in 2016, features Abodo Vulcan Cladding in STRAW finish.