an elegant option for both interior and exterior cladding

reSAWN TIMBER co. is pleased to announce the addition of 4 rough-sawn weathered ATLANTIC WHITE CEDAR designs to our sought after cedar offering – for exterior cladding and interior wall/ceiling cladding.

We offer ATLANTIC WHITE CEDAR because of its propensity for resiliency, beauty, and versatility. Its lightweight, straight grain, ease of machining, ease of finishing, low shrinkage, and extreme resistance to decay make it a trusted and elegant option for both interior and exterior applications.

ATLANTIC WHITE CEDAR that is uncoated and exposed to weather over time will develop an attractive silver/gray patina. The rate of that color change depends on climate zones, the orientation of the home/structure and exposure to weather. reSAWN’s finishing process on our pre-weathered ATLANTIC WHITE CEDAR designs solve for wood’s natural propensity to grey out by resembling a weathered look at the time of installation, with little change as it ages in place. 

An additional benefit to our pre-weathered designs is the ability to achieve consistent color on all differing exterior exposures and to attain a seamless interior/exterior aesthetic from day one when exterior cladding is brought to the interior (see the BRIZA image below for an example). From the start expect a soft, consistent weathered color and texture that looks natural, appealing and interesting. For interior applications, expect little to no change from the day of installation.  

Atlantic White Cedar Species Drawing


  • Since ATLANTIC WHITE CEDAR trees grow larger, it is available in longer lengths when compared to Northern White Cedar
  • Natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties
  • Durable, resistant to decay, lightweight, and greatly aromatic
  • Superior insulation properties – the R value is 1.35″ (34mm) of thickness
  • Shrinks and warps very little, resists swelling, cupping and cracking
  • The oil in cedar will allow water to bead up to resist water naturally
  • Aesthetically, many designers, builders and furniture makers choose cedar because of its uniform consistency and pleasing appearance
  • Sustainably harvested along the east coast of the United States
  • Because the species is indigenous to the US, specifically the east coast, ATLANTIC WHITE CEDAR is not subject to trade tariffs, which keep costs lower than Western Red Cedar.


1800 Arch Street - Comcast Technology Center-JAVELIN antique reclaimed oak

Comcast Innovation and Technology Center – Philadelphia, PA

The Comcast Innovation and Technology Center is vertically stepped, with loft-like work spaces and state-of-the-art television studios for NBC at the base, and a 12-story hotel above.

The large, open floor plates are filled with daylight – each office level is equivalent in scale to twelve tennis courts. The interior is fluid and dynamic, with loft-like, highly flexible spaces designed to allow staff great freedom in choosing where and how they work.

Gensler chose to incorporate reSAWN’s JAVELIN reclaimed oak cladding in the main elevator lobby and hallways and MERCER white oak cladding on certain room entrances. Plus,Gensler included a custom RSTco. conference table and a RSTco. coffee table for the Comcast Labs room.


reSAWN’s custom charred Accoya®

Broadway Market with reSAWN’s Shou Sugi Ban Receives Multiple Awards

reSAWN is humbled to share that PI.KL architecture design studio in Baltimore Maryland chose our custom shou sugi ban charred Accoya®
 on their Broadway Market project.

2019 AIA Excellence in Design Awards 

Broadway Market was recognized with two awards at the 2019 AIA Baltimore Excellence in Design Awards:

  • AIA Baltimore Excellence in Design Award Honorable Mention
  • AIA Baltimore Good Design = Good Business Award

It was included amongst so many deserving projects of all scales. We’re so happy to be a part of such an important community revitalization.


An approved AIA CES Provider, reSAWN TIMBER co. is excited to present its course on wood as exterior cladding for one (1) LU credit. reSAWN examines the sustainable, performance, and aesthetic benefits and innovations that have made exterior wood cladding an ideal material for architectural projects.


reSAWN TIMBER co. provides new and reclaimed wood products for architectural specifications for flooring, interior wall cladding, ceilings, exterior siding, furniture and custom millwork.

Our carefully curated offering includes award-winning shou sugi ban charred woods, reclaimed woods, newly harvested american wood species and european oak.  We provide only the highest quality materials milled to exacting standards and finished in a way that enhance the natural beauty of the wood. Our extensive offering includes wide plank flooring,  FSC® Certified woods, and custom furniture with traditional joinery.

We specialize in meeting the needs of architects, designers and contractors, and providing superior service and guidance in developing your specifications.  Our products can assist you in achieving your project goals in aesthetic, performance and sustainability.  Contact us to learn more about our FSC® products.