reSAWN offers several sustainable, durable options for real wood exterior cladding. All of our exterior cladding products are finished in the USA, in our facility in Telford, PA. We use domestic wood species whenever possible, including Cypress from the Southern US, Wester Red Cedar from the Pacific Northwest, and Atlantic White Cedar from the the coastal plain regions of the Eastern US.  Our diverse offering includes modified pine from Accoya & Kebony which have been developed specifically for exterior applications.  reSAWN’s products have been meticulously designed using modern finishes and incorporating reSAWN’s many years of experience in the architectural & design specification market.

Meetinghouse Lane custom shou sugi ban charred cypress, GOVERNOR and custom white oak

Meetinghouse Lane :: Custom shou sugi ban, GOVERNOR and custom white oak

Flooring, Interior Wall Cladding, Shou Sugi Ban

Melendy House :: TORA shou sugi ban & DORO shou sugi ban

Interior Wall Cladding, Shou Sugi Ban

COS – shou sugi ban

Shou Sugi Ban