Gamer HQ Custom charred accoya wood 2
Gamer HQ Custom charred accoya wood 2
Gamer HQ Custom charred accoya wood 3
Gamer HQ – Bellingham, WA

Exterior Cladding

CUSTOM – Shou Sugi Ban FSC®-Certified Charred Accoya®
Species: Radiata Pine
FSC®-Certified: FSC® Mix 70%
Select Grade
Burnt on Face Only, Intentionally Not Coated with Wood Sealer
Solid +/- 3/4″ thick x +/- 5-3/8″ wide
Tongue & Groove

The Gamer HQ project is situated in the charming town of Bellingham, WA, miles from the Canadian border. This detailed project, designed by SkB Architects, features a cantilevered extension off the main bedroom, creating a covered patio off the living and dining room below it. The clients envisioned a sleek black exterior cladding to highlight the home’s distinctive features. reSAWN TIMBER co. offered the clients a selection of Shou Sugi Ban exterior options tailored to match their vision. After careful consideration, a customized FSC®-Certified charred Accoya® exterior cladding was selected. This choice was made based on its exceptional structural durability, high performance, and the added benefit of a 25-year warranty, ensuring both quality and longevity.

The Shou Sugi Ban process carbonizes the wood’s surface and creates an outer char layer that protects the cladding against rot and moisture-related decay in exterior applications. Accoya’s® acetylation modification process transforms the wood’s cellular structure, significantly increasing its durability and resilience to rot and decay, ensuring longevity for decades. Combining the charred layer and modified wood is a deliberate design choice, ensuring that the skillfully crafted cladding will withstand the test of time.

Project Needs: The clients were in search of low-maintenance and timeless solid black exterior siding. While initially considering reSAWN’s charred Cypress products, they also explored alternative wood species to broaden their options.

Project Solutions: SkB Architecture was drawn to reSAWN’s charred Accoya® products due to their performance, 25-year warranty, and low maintenance associated with the Shou Sugi Ban material. The clients chose a CUSTOM charred Accoya® product to meet their aesthetic and functionality expectations.

Project Results: Dovetail General Contractors meticulously and skillfully installed the CUSTOM charred Accoya® exterior siding. The clients were enthusiastic about the material and were excited to see how it would weather. The product successfully met their expectation for a solid black Shou Sugi Ban aesthetic.

For a similar look, check out reSAWN TIMBER co.’s MATSU 2.0. MATSU 2.0 features charred Accoya® wood burnt in the Japanese style of Shou Sugi Ban. This product can be used for exterior wall cladding and requires a top coat on site.

For two decades, SkB Architecture has crafted sensory-rich environments for a diverse clientele, including corporations, retailers, developers, and culturally connected communities. With a team of 40 professionals, they work on global projects that draw inspiration from one another.

Dovetail General Contractors is a reputable company established in 1991, known for their commitment to excellent quality, environmental sustainability, and lasting client relationships. They specialize in custom residential and commercial projects and have both a woodshop and metal shop to support their fine designs.