Order Form - Exterior Cladding

The Value of a Natural Product is Without Equal

This form can be used to purchase materials or receive a price quote for reSAWN's Exterior and Interior Cladding.   You will receive back a Sales Order Confirmation with freight quote & lead time as well as a 50% deposit Invoice.  Lead time begins from receipt of signed paperwork and 50% deposit.  

We will also be sending you a SAMPLE SUBMITTAL package for the materials selected including (2) 24" pieces and (2) 12" long pieces.  One 12" pieces has a label marked "Return to reSAWN".  We need you to completely fill out the label on this piece and return it to us as quickly as possible in order to proceed with your order

Please complete entire form.  If you have any questions, please contact reSAWN at 1 800 985 5355 or sales@resawntimberco.com.

The following descriptions outline the standard specifications for each of our wood species. For custom orders and/or quotes, indicate specs at the bottom of the page.




For EXTERIOR applications, materials need to be sealed on ALL FOUR SIDES.  As noted in our standard price quotes, there is a $1.00/sf fee to add sealing on the back.

Note: We recommend a minimum 15% waste factor.

Please include any additional notes here such as custom finish details, widths, lengths, milling, etc.