2175 Market Street Apartments – San Francisco, CA

Accoya has been chosen for the famous 2175 Market street apartment complex. 2175 Market is located at the five-point intersection of 15th Sanchez Street. It is the convergence of some of San Francisco’s most vibrant neighbourhoods – Duboce Triangle, The Mission, Hayes Valley and The Castro.

2175 Market is designed to meet LEED Platinum Certified standards. That means sustainably-sourced materials and energy-efficient building systems, from appliances to solar water heating. As a mixed-use, transit-oriented development, 2175 Market has taken the highest steps to utilise environmentally sustainable products and materials, and to minimise waste and pollutant. This is why Accoya was selected.

The result is a beautifully-designed community, inside and out.

SOURCE: https://www.accoya.com/projects/project/accoya-wood-selected-for-forest-citys-2175-market-street-apartments-in-san-francisco/

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