Hamptons Residence :: Solid Curly French Sycamore Bookcase


Hamptons, NY


Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects


Solid Curly French Sycamore Bookcase w/ Metal Wrap

160” long X 20” high X 20” deep

Shelves with concealed magic wire supports

1-1/2” thick X 87-3/4” long X 20” deep Curly French Sycamore removable top


“…Sitting in my chair next to the beautiful bookcase you guys made for me. The attention to detail, the care and the love of the work is clear in the outcome.”

In a classic Hamptons style home on the bay, RSTco.‘s solid curly french sycamore bookcase is raised off the ground in the living room. The bookcase features 12 open shelves and 4 pull out drawers. Atop the bookcase is a removable slab of curly french sycamore. Hidden within the bookcase are magic wire supports that allow the piece to have electrical capabilities.

The bookcase is a unifying point of the aesthetic in the living room. Pictures, old maps, books, and family relics hide within the drawers and the shelves and rest on top of the curly french sycamore slab. It’s a personal design touch within the room that joins with the handcrafted RSTco. bookcase to make the room truly special.

RSTco. is a team of skilled craftsmen dedicated to creating beautiful, modern solid wood furniture.  All RSTco. furniture is custom built and finished in our wood shop from locally sourced and sustainably harvested wood species. we prefer and specialize in solid wood construction as well as using traditional joinery wherever possible. we offer a variety of finishes that are both durable and complimentary to the wood. other media in addition to wood are often incorporated into designs such as steel.

Stelle Lomont Louhani Architecture strive to create a rewarding design and building experience for their clients. Each project is unique and a response to the client’s program, budget, schedule and site. Architecture is a patient search and their’s is a collaborative approach.

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