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Ink Block – Boston, MA

Located on a six-acre site that used to house the Boston Herald, Ink Block incorporated reSAWN TIMBER co.’s WEATHERWORN reclaimed barn siding in the lobby of their “3 Ink” building.


Elkus Manfredi Architects


Perspective Magazine

WEATHERWORN–Reclaimed Barn Siding
Original Face
No Finish
3/4″ Thick X 5″ Wide X 2′-10′ RLs
Tongue & Groove



With a primary goal of revitalizing Boston’s South End neighborhood, Elkus Manfredi Architects created a design aesthetic that focuses on returning the area to a lively, dynamic mixed-use community. Drawing inspiration from former building owners–the Boston Herald–Ink Block has become a pillar in Boston’s revitalization project with classic Bostonian motifs and contemporary, edgy design features.

Ink Block is comprised of three different apartment complexes that have vastly different design themes. 3 Ink offers a traditional industrial design that includes warmer colors and wood integrated throughout the building, and houses reSAWN’s WEATHERWORN reclaimed barn siding in the lobby.

reSAWN’s WEATHERWORN reclaimed barn siding is a beautiful way to incorporate antique building materials into a modern design. WEATHERWORN is an original board face reclaimed wood that is power washed and de-nailed with the original patina left untouched.

The wood is unfinished due to the natural oxidization process that produces a tough, weather resistant exterior. WEATHERWORN is available in a variety of different species and colors.

Elkus Manfredi Architects specified the dark brown and slightly maroon coloring as an ode to the building’s former use as a print facility. Referencing the CMYK color palette used in newspaper printing, WEATHERWORN evokes the rustic, working-class essence of print publications.

In line with their contemporary theme and antique accents, Elkus Manfredi Architects hoped to make Ink Block an icon of sustainable building. Ink Block sought to achieve four basic sustainable design goals: resource efficient, support health and wellness for its users, be flexible and adaptable, and be durable and maintainable. With WEATHERWORN being a reclaimed wood that does not contain any VOC finishes and has lasted for countless decades, the wood offered numerous sustainable qualities to the building.

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