Provo, UT

L&T Construction

AMB Design

Interior Cladding:
ROARING 40s weathered atlantic white cedar
STK (Select Tight Knot)
Finished on face only, sealed all 4 sides (interior)
Solid 3/4” thick x 5-1/8” wide x 6′-16′ random lengths

This functional and uniquely beautiful project features a hangar for a private jet in addition to a well-designed living space. Whether you are waiting for your next flight or catching up on business in the office, this space has it all. The use of our ROARING 40s weathered atlantic white cedar on the exterior of the entryway provides a dramatic, sustainable modern design to perfectly complement the overall project.

ROARING 40s,  by reSAWN TIMBER co., features atlantic white cedar that is sustainably harvested along the coastal plain region of the United States and intended to provide a high performing, natural material with a weathered aesthetic. ROARING 40s can be used for interior or exterior wall cladding and is available in a select tight knot grade. reSAWN is dedicated to providing high-performance, long-lasting cladding material and has developed its product line based on observations of experienced industry leaders and a first-hand understanding of customer needs.

Within the hangar’s entryway, reSAWN TIMBER co’s ROARING 40’s interior cladding, with brass and steel functional design features, foreshadows the design within the building. The entryway houses a Scandinavian fireplace from dramatic heightened ceilings, modern furniture, and simplistic yet detailed light fixtures. From the entryway, you can see the kitchen and the lounge area, featuring a floating tread stairway to the next level, as well as an atrium space. This project is a unique blend of industrial, residential, and business, all housed in one multi-functional hangar.

AMB Design offers a blending of modern form and function with authentic vintage detail creates energy, fresh simplicity, and livability. AMB’s homes entail organic ingredients such as dry white oak floors, walnut, bronze, woolen textiles, and rich hues to create what she calls the “real factor”—leaving no space untouched by a sense of natural. She strives to create environments that raise the quality of life of those who live there.

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