University of Wisconsin Platteville Sesquicentennial Hall – Platteville, WI


Architect: BWBR Solutions

Photographer: Brandon Stengel/Farm Kid Studios

Interior Cladding:
REED – Reclaimed Hemlock – Rustic Grade
UNFINISHED, Surfaced 3 Sides (S3S)
Solid: +/- 7/8” thick X 7” wide X 4′-12’

Currently pursuing a LEED Certification

The 99, 200 sq. ft. Sesquicentennial Hall at the University of Wisconsin Platteville unites various engineering disciplines, computer science, and renewable energy systems programs within a single facility. The renovation includes a variety of lab spaces, a green roof, and spaces for collaborative learning. The deliberate design of the building was to not only attract more students but to provide more hands-on learning experiences that will positively impact their students’ careers. The intentional display of infrastructure, coupled with the use of reclaimed hemlock wall cladding, forms a visually engaging and harmonious design that enhances the immersive experience for students.

By repurposing wood from previous structures or sources, this practice contributes significantly to the reduction of environmental impact. Reclaimed wood possesses a unique character, adding aesthetic charm to interior spaces with its weathered patina and natural textures. Beyond its visual appeal, the use of reclaimed wood supports forest conservation efforts and reduces the demand for virgin timber, thus helping to mitigate deforestation. Additionally, the process of reclaiming wood often requires less energy compared to manufacturing new materials, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Embracing reclaimed interior wood cladding not only imparts a sense of history and authenticity to spaces but also aligns with the principles of sustainability by promoting resource conservation and responsible material use.

REED by reSAWN TIMBER co. features antique reclaimed hemlock that has been wire-brushed to accentuate the unique grain pattern of hemlock. Expect a fairly consistent dark brown color with lots of texture and variation to the grain. Standardly available unfinished for wall and ceiling cladding (not appropriate for flooring). Hemlock is one of the harder of the softwoods with a Janka rating of 500. REED is rich in both color and character marks including mineral staining, color changes, weathering, checking, nail holes, and knots.

BWBR is a dedicated team of experts specializing in commercial architecture, interior design, planning, and research, all devoted to maximizing the effectiveness of individuals, spaces, and organizations. Harnessing the transformative potential of design, BWBR endeavors to enrich lives through the creation of exceptional environments.

Brandon Stengel is a photographer based in Minneapolis who holds a Masters Degree in Architecture. With years of experience in the architecture industry, Stengel developed a keen understanding of discerning good design, the processes involved in its creation, and effective representation in marketing communications.

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