Corwith Residence featuring SVERTE Shou Sugi Ban Charred Kebony exterior siding/cladding

Corwith Residence

This 90-year-old, overall net-zero home is nestled away in Bridgehampton, New York. It received a modern remodel and renovation that includes SVERTE shou sugi ban charred Kebony exterior wood cladding. The decision to shorten the driveway allowed for a better utilized, updated yard. The backyard is an oasis that features an inground pool and bluestone pavers. The ceiling height sliders allow the home to open up to provide a well-articulated indoor/outdoor area while also acting as a passive solar heating source.


SiOO:X Wood Protection System – Where Technology and Nature Converge

The natural beauty, durability, and availability of wood have made it one of the world’s oldest and most sustainable building materials. From an end-user perspective, a common issue with choosing real wood cladding for exterior facades is the perceived ongoing maintenance and uneven weathering on different structure parts.

Now there’s a wood cladding finish option that combats weathering and ongoing maintenance issues by taking advantage of several technological advancements.



As an approved AIA CES Provider, reSAWN TIMBER co. is excited to offer a two-part series about specifying exterior wood cladding. reSAWN examines the sustainable, performance, and aesthetic benefits and innovations that have made exterior wood cladding an ideal material for architectural specifications. After the two-part series is completed, each attendee will receive a total of 2 (two) LU|HSW credits in addition to certificates of completion.


reSAWN TIMBER co. provides new and reclaimed wood products for architectural specifications for flooring, interior wall cladding, ceilings, exterior siding, furniture and custom millwork.

Our carefully curated offering includes award-winning shou sugi ban charred woods, reclaimed woods, newly harvested american wood species and european oak.  We provide only the highest quality materials milled to exacting standards and finished in a way that enhance the natural beauty of the wood. Our extensive offering includes wide plank flooring,  FSC® Certified woods, and custom furniture with traditional joinery.

We specialize in meeting the needs of architects, designers and contractors, and providing superior service and guidance in developing your specifications.  Our products can assist you in achieving your project goals in aesthetic, performance and sustainability.  Contact us to learn more about our FSC® products.