BRIDGEPORT: black walnut

BRIDGEPORT by reSAWN TIMBER co. features plain sawn character grade unsteamed American Black WALNUT flooring prefinished with hardwax oil.

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BRIDGEPORT by reSAWN TIMBER co. features original cut character grade unsteamed American Black WALNUT flooring and wall/ceiling cladding prefinished with hardwax oil. American Black Walnut is a heavy, strong wood defined by its rich deep browns and beautiful figure.  Our hardwax oil is natural, non-toxic and 100% VOC-free and produces a durable, matte finish that respects the natural look and feel of the wood. The steaming process darkens the light sapwood to match the darker heartwood much more closely than that of unsteamed. Steaming walnut evens out the color contrast throughout by darkening the material to a more monochromatic brown. Walnut that is unsteamed has the lighter sapwood present on the outer edges of a portion of the planks and maintains more dramatic color variations and characteristics.  Both steamed and unsteamed walnut often have beautiful grain structure, and are much sought after.

BRIDGEPORT qualifies for the following LEED credits:

MR 5 – Regional Materials
MR 6 – Rapidly Renewable Resource (Hardwax-Oil Finish)
MR 7 – Certified wood
EQ 4.1 – Low-emitting materials: Adhesives & Sealants (Hardwax-Oil Finish)
EQ 4.2 – Low-emitting materials: Paints & Coatings (Hardwax-Oil Finish)
EQ 4.4 – Low-emitting materials: Composite Wood & Agrifiber Products ( Engineered)

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ENGINEERED: 5/8" (4mm wear layer) or SOLID: 3/4" thick


5" wide (available 3" up to 8" wide)


2-10' random lengths

Edge Detail

Microbeveled Edges and Ends


Tongue & Groove, Endmatched


american black walnut


original cut


Character Grade


hardwax oil


flooring, wall cladding, ceiling cladding