VIRTUOSO: European White Oak

VIRTUOSO by reSAWN TIMBER co. features wide plank, rift & quarter sawn EUROPEAN WHITE OAK for flooring, interior wall and ceiling cladding.


reSAWN TIMBER co. designed the European White Oak offering for versatile interior use, including wide plank flooring, wall and ceiling cladding, stairs, and custom designs. The species is favored for its tight grain pattern, color and tone, durability, and biophilic elements. Our real wood flooring is durable, timeless, and sustainable. European White Oak is available in wide plank, original cut and rift & quarter options, and can be FSC®-Certified upon request. 

European White Oak is a large hardwood tree with a broad crown, sturdy branches, and round-lobed leaves. They are found in northern Europe but primarily sourced from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Poland. The species offers a straight, fine-grain pattern that contributes to a uniform and elegant appearance. They are renowned for their light tones with rich gold hues. European White Oak has a high tannin content, making it durable and accepting of finishes. 

Benefits of Real Wood for Interior Design: 

  • Durability: European White Oak is known for its hardness and durability, making it resistant to wear and tear. This characteristic guarantees the flooring’s durability under substantial foot traffic, ensuring it maintains optimal condition over an extended period.
  • Aesthetics: Hardwood floors elevate the ambiance of any area, imparting a sense of sophistication and luxury. The inclusion of natural elements and earthy hues boosts the aesthetic appeal and infuses the space with a sense of warmth, creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.
  • FSC®-Certified: reSAWN TIMBER co.’s European White Oak designs are available in FSC®-Certified upon request, meeting standards for LEED certifications and the Living Building Challenge.
  • Biophilic Design: Wood flooring plays a significant role in biophilic design by recreating original wood colors, delivering natural wood textures, and graduated transitions that are found in nature. 
  • Air Quality: Hardwood prevents the build-up of dirt, dust, pet dandruff, and other allergens. The smooth surface allows for easy cleaning, providing healthier indoor environments. 
  • Versatility: reSAWN’s real wood products are suitable for various uses, including flooring, ceiling and wall cladding, stairs, and custom designs, offering consistent cohesiveness throughout any interior design.

Design Options:

The European White Oak selection encompasses a variety of width options, including widths of 5”, 7”, and 8-⅝”. The width options provide design flexibility tailored to individual tastes and requirements.

Available Cuts of European White Oak: 


reSAWN’s original cut European White Oak incorporates plain sawn (blue shading), rift-sawn (no shading), and quarter-sawn (red shading) grain patterns and all grades and character marks into the final product. This seemingly simple cut requires advanced knowledge and experience in the milling and drying process of wood to ensure that the harder heart wood does not become brittle and break apart through the drying or milling process. This is not a new method of cutting but rather a modern take on a historic theme.


Rift & quarter-sawn lumber is produced by cutting the log into quarters and then making alternating cuts that are perpendicular to the annual growth rings. The annual growth rings in quarter-sawn lumber are at a 45° – 90° angle to the face of the board. Quarter sawing produces boards with mostly vertical-grain, and a distinctive figuring often referred to as “flecks”, “flakes” or “ray flecks” caused by the medullary rays of the log.  The annual growth rings in rift-sawn lumber are at a 30° – 60° angle to the face of the board. Rift-sawn lumber produces a very consistent and quiet board face with mostly vertical grain. This vertical-grain lends added stability to the rift & quarter-sawn boards making them less likely to cup or crown.

VIRTUOSO qualifies for the following LEED credits:

MR 6 – Rapidly Renewable Resource (Hardwax-Oil Finish)
MR 7 – Certified wood (as FSC©-Certified)
EQ 4.1 – Low-emitting materials: Adhesives & Sealants (Engineered)
EQ 4.2 – Low-emitting materials: Paints & Coatings (Hardwax-Oil Finish)
EQ 4.4 – Low-emitting materials: Composite Wood & Agrifiber Products (Engineered)

Additional information


ENGINEERED: 3/4" (6mm wear layer)


5" wide (available 7")


2-10' random lengths

Edge Detail

Microbeveled Edges and Ends


Tongue & Groove, Endmatched


European White Oak


Rift & Quarter Sawn


Select Grade


Matte Polyurethane


Flooring, Interior Wall Cladding, Ceiling Cladding