WATSON 1C or 2C: Accoya for Exterior Cladding

WATSON by reSAWN TIMBER co. features Accoya® wood finished with a waterborne exterior oil and can be used for exterior cladding and specified as either 1C or 2C (see below for details). 


WATSON by reSAWN TIMBER co. features Accoya® wood finished with a waterborne exterior oil and can be used for exterior cladding. WATSON can be specified as either 1C or 2C.

‘1C’ denotes Accoya wood that is prefinished with one coat of our proprietary exterior oil in the factory. There is no need to apply a second coat of finish post-install. Contact reSAWN for accelerated weathering images of our 1C offering.  

‘2C’ denotes Accoya wood that is prefinished with one coat of our proprietary exterior oil in the factory AND will require the installer to apply a second coat of finish post-install. This finish will be included on the sales order and shipped with the materials.  Applying a second coat of finish post-install will further saturate the initial color of the cladding and extend the duration of this deeper color.  Contact reSAWN for accelerated weathering images of our 2C offering.



WATSON 2C Accoya final


Accoya wood is the result of decades of research and development that has brought together a long-established, extensively proven wood modification technique and leading-edge patented technology – acetylation to create a high-performance wood, ideal for outdoor use and challenging applications. 

By significantly enhancing the durability and dimensional stability of fast-growing and abundantly available certified wood species, Accoya wood provides compelling environmental advantages over slow-growing hardwoods (which are often unsustainably sourced), woods treated with toxic preservative chemicals, and non-renewable carbon-intensive materials such as plastics, steel, and concrete.

  • The Accoya wood patented modification process adds nothing to the wood that does not already naturally occur in it
  • Class 1 durability – facilitating a longer lifespan, improved carbon sequestration potential, and lower lifetime material consumption versus other materials
  • Outstanding dimensional stability, resulting in lower maintenance frequency and therefore less coating over the lifetime of the product
  • Superior thermal insulation, providing energy conservation advantages when used for applications such as windows and doors
  • All Accoya wood is produced from well managed sustainable sources, including FSC® and other regionally certified woods
  • Low carbon footprint: Accoya wood is an environmentally compatible substitute for carbon-intensive materials
  • Environmentally compatible: 100% recyclable and reusable, naturally renewable
  • Rapidly renewable materials: use of abundantly available and fast-growing source species

Accoya wood has been tested over prolonged periods in all types of weathering conditions – above ground, below ground, and even in water – and has been proven to withstand even the toughest of external environments. Not only is its durability proven, but it has also been shown to retain its appearance, requiring much less frequent maintenance than other wood species. This gives added reassurance to the manufacturers, architects, specifiers, builders, and property owners who have chosen Accoya wood for a diverse range of projects. Accoya wood is also being tested for additional uses by leading independent institutes worldwide.

Sustainable Attributes and Benefits of WATSON 1C or 2C Accoya:

  • Low VOC Finish (85 g/L)
  • FSC® certified
  • 50 yr Warranty above ground
  • 25 yr Warranty below ground

Contact us for reSAWN TIMBER co. specific EXTERIOR Installation Guidelines.  The Accoya Exterior Installation Guidelines on this page are a supplement only.

Additional information


3 options for standard dimensions:
+/- 3/4" thick X 5-3/8" wide
+/- 5/8" thick X 5-3/8" wide
+/- 3/4" thick X 7-3/8" wide
Contact reSAWN for custom dimensions / trim details


6'-16' Random Lengths


standardly Tongue & Groove
available S4S and shiplap




Exterior: Finished on face only, sealed on back & 2 long edges. 1-coat of finish is factory applied; For 2C only, the second coat needs to be applied to the face only on site by the installer post-install.


Low VOC Finish (85 g/L)




FSC® certified