Morning Glory Retreat – Fennville, MI


Architect: 34-Ten Architecture

Designer: Rebel House Design

Photographer: Mike Schwartz

Exterior Cladding:
TUI – FSC®-Certified Abodo®
Species: Radiata Pine
FSC®-Certified: FSC® Mix Credit
CVG (Clear Vertical Grain)
Finished On Face Only, Sealed On Back & 2 Long Edges
1-Coat Of Finish Factory Applied, 2nd Coat To Be Applied On Site
Smooth Face
Solid +/- 3/4” Thick x +/- 5-3/8” Wide x 6′-16′
Tongue & Groove (T&G)

LUXE Magazine

Situated a short distance from the historic town of Fennville, The Morning Glory Retreat occupies a prime location on the scenic shoreline of Lake Michigan. This newly constructed retreat captures the essence of lakeside living, effortlessly blending the charm of a small town with the breathtaking beauty of the natural environment. While traditional Cape Cod and log cabin styles dominate the area, the Morning Glory Retreat presents a distinct alternative. Architecture firm 34-ten envisioned a fresh perspective, effortlessly fusing sophistication with the rugged appeal of the surroundings. Characterized by flowing lines and meticulous placement, the design invites the environment to become an integral part of the experience rather than something to be overpowered or ignored. Utilizing Abodo thermally modified wood, they achieve a natural aesthetic harmonizing with the surrounding elements and the tranquil lake.

The Morning Glory Retreat features TUI Abodo Vulcan Cladding by reSAWN TIMBER co. The cladding is finished with Abodo Protector Oil, a cutting-edge waterborne oil that combines refined plant oils, UV protection, and advanced water repellency. The thermal modification process of Abodo Wood and vertical grain structure means Vulcan cladding has superior stability and reduced resin content. reSAWN TIMBER co.’s proprietary brushing technique applied during manufacturing. This brushing opens the wood grain for optimal coating performance while creating a unique aesthetic. 

Project Needs: This retreat required resilient exterior cladding that could withstand the unpredictable Midwest climate without constant maintenance. Sustainability and aesthetics were key considerations, necessitating a natural wood solution. 

Projects Solutions: In response to the client’s request for a resilient and long-lasting solution, a reSAWN specification consultant suggested various thermally modified products tailored to their requirements. Following the presentation of samples and comprehensive product details to 34-ten, TUI Abodo Vulcan Cladding was selected. Renowned for its durability, sleek dark black finish, 15-year warranty, timely availability, and cost-effectiveness, Abodo stood out as the perfect choice for the project.

Project Results: The architect, builder, and homeowner expressed great satisfaction. The architect was pleased with the outcome, while the builder commended the smooth installation process of the materials and expressed interest in collaborating on future projects.

34-Ten Architecture is an architectural firm based in Chicago, Illinois. It is known for its innovative and sustainable design solutions across various project types, including residential, commercial, institutional, and cultural buildings. The firm focuses on creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, environmentally responsible, and tailored to the needs of its clients.

Rebel Designer is an interior design firm renowned for their collaborative approach and meticulous attention to detail. Specializing in creating personalized and dynamic spaces, they excel at capturing the essence of their clients’ design preferences while infusing their expertise to elevate each project.

Mike Schwartz, a photographer with a keen eye for capturing the interplay of light and space, reflects his deep-seated passion for architecture and design through his work. His portfolio has earned recognition in esteemed publications such as Interior Design Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, Dwell, and Wallpaper.

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