The Paragon Project – Avalon, NJ

Exterior Cladding:
NIGIRI – Charred FSC®-Certified Accoya®
Species: Radiata Pine
FSC®-Certified: FSC® Mix 70%
Select Grade

Product Sizes (3)
Finished On Face Only, Sealed On Back & 2 Long Edges
Solid +/- 3/4″ Thick x +/- 5-3/8″ Wide x 6′-16′
Tongue & Groove

Finished On Face Only, Sealed On Back & 2 Long Edges
Solid +/- 3/4″ Thick x +/- 5-3/4″ Wide x 6′-16′

Finished On All 4 Sides
Solid +/- 1-1/2″ Thick x +/- 3-1/2″ Wide x 12′-16′

The Paragon Project is a serene modern retreat in the charming beach town of Avalon, NJ. This vacation home offers panoramic views of the bay and features modern elements that distinguish it from traditional beach cottages. Clean lines, corner-wrapping windows, and multiple bay-front patios seamlessly merge the indoor and outdoor living spaces. The architect firm, Asher Slaunwhite + Partners, intentionally chose charred Accoya® exterior cladding for its aesthetics, 50-year warranty, and superior durability against the coastal climate. This modified wood offers the perfect blend of natural beauty and timeless character that the clients desire. The addition of the wooden slat design offers an interplay of light and shadow while ensuring privacy and shade, helping to regulate the interior temperature during hot summer days.

The Paragon Project is clad in NIGIRI charred Accoya®, a low-maintenance material that retains its aesthetic charm as it naturally ages. Accoya® wood transcends traditional wood; it undergoes a patented acetylation process, greatly enhancing its durability and dimensional stability. Furthermore, the wood is enriched with a charred layer using the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique, providing additional protection to its structural integrity. This technique carbonizes the wood’s surface, forming an outer char layer that shields against rot and moisture-related decay in exterior applications, making it an ideal choice for the Paragon Project’s coastal location.

Project Needs: Asher Slaunwhite + Partners sought a low-maintenance product with a modern, timeless, and natural aesthetic that could withstand the coastal weather. Intrigued by reSAWN TIMBER co.’s offerings, they delved deeper into our charred product line. A consultation at reSAWN’s headquarters provided exposure to various options, ultimately aiding in selecting the ideal material for the project.

Project Solutions: NIGIRI charred Accoya captured the client’s attention with its impressive dimensional stability, aesthetic appeal, and warranty. A mockup was created to ensure its suitability for the coastal location, demonstrating excellent performance in the home’s specific climate conditions.

Project Results: Since its installation, the product has showcased exceptional performance. The clients are delighted with how it has fulfilled all their expectations and eagerly anticipate its evolution with their home for years to come.

Asher Slaunwhite + Partners is a prominent architectural firm specializing in coastal residential architecture. The firm prides itself on being considerate and responsive to a project’s context, ensuring that its homes integrate seamlessly into its communities. Its designs respect history and surroundings, contributing positively to the community without being overly extravagant.

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