New Zealand

Chris Tate

CLEAR :: Abodo® Vulcan Decking

Sir John James Patrick Kirwan is a New Zealand rugby union coach and former player of both rugby union and rugby league. Chris Tate Architecture had the pleasure of designing Mr. Kirwan’s holiday home which is located in New Zealand.

The exterior entertaining space includes stadium-style stairs overlooking the lawn, and a covered barbecue area. The deck needed to be substantial since the summer months are largely spent outdoors. Vulcan Decking finished with Clear Protector Oil provides a low-maintenance finish that will silver off as it weathers to provide the longest possible life between maintenance cycles. Plus, it’s made using a waterborne formulation, which means it is safe on bare feet and won’t leach chemicals into the environment.

Chris Tate designs buildings of outstanding and unique modernity. Each of his designs is as individual and daring as his imagination will go. Statements that create a lasting impression on the world. To make a unique, visionary statement of your own, have a word with Chris Tate.

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