CLEAR: Abodo Vulcan Decking

CLEAR by reSAWN TIMBER co. features Abodo® Vulcan Decking finished with Abodo Protector Oil and backed by a 25-year warranty.


CLEAR by reSAWN TIMBER co. features Abodo® Vulcan Decking finished with Abodo Protector Oil which uses the latest in waterborne oil technology combining refined plant oils, UV protection, advanced water barrier composition, and an enhanced fungicidal package for superior exterior performance. All ends, field cuts, and exposed wood must be sealed using a treated sealer. We recommend Copper-Green Brown Wood Preservative. Contact reSAWN for more information.

Vulcan Decking is created from thermally modified New Zealand plantation timber and then treated with an organic preservative system that includes a water repellent for superior durability. The thermal modification process means Vulcan Decking has enhanced stability, reduced resin content and is a beautiful homogeneous brown color.

NOTE: Clear is a non-pigmented finish meant to protect the wood.  Decking can be expected to weather naturally to a silver-grey.

Benefits of CLEAR Vulcan Decking:

  • Outstanding dimensional stability –  the thermal modification process gives the material an enhanced stability, reduced resin content, and is a beautiful homogeneous brown color.
  • The premium grade, reeded face has little to no corrosiveness to most metals and can be coated on site.
  • Warranty: 25 years against fungal decay (contact reSAWN for warranty details)
  • Moisture content : Approx. 12% MC (+/- 2%) at time of dispatch
  • Treated with an organic preservative system – OPX azole-based – that includes water repellent for superior durability. Durability Class 1 (EN350), H3 (AS1604) and suitable for Use Class 3 (EN335).
  • Compatibility: Vulcan has little or no corrosiveness on most metals (equivalent to untreated softwood) and can be placed in contact with most building materials. Normal PVA, PU, MUF glues and RF resins can be used.
  • Width expansion approx 3%, length expansion approx 0.25%, thickness expansion approx 1.5%. change in surface* variation may occur between boards. (*Indicative tangental movement from ‘dry’ 12%MC to ‘wet’ fiber saturation approx 25%MC).
  • Thermally modified pine is resistant to most wood boring insects.
  • Weight: 2lbs/sf (light weight decking).
  • ASTM D4442 – Moisture Content.
  • Cal Fire Building Material Listing No. 8140-2379:0001


Sustainable Attributes of CLEAR Vulcan Decking:

  • Low VOC Finish (85 g/L)
  • FSC® certified: Mix Credit
  • Low carbon footprint: Abodo wood is an environmentally compatible substitute for carbon intensive materials.
  • 100% recyclable and reusable, naturally renewable
  • Has received the Declare label from the International Living Future Institute affirming product is Red List Free.

Additional information


DK16 Profile: +/- 1-1/16” thick X +/- 5-9/16” wide


6'-16' Random Lengths






Exterior: Finished on face only, sealed on back & 2 long edges. 1-coat of finish is factory applied; the second coat needs to be applied to the face only on site by the installer post-install.




FSC® certified
Declare Red List Free