Bear Creek Residence – Thompson Station, TN


Architect: Northworks Architecture 

Builder: Sipple Homes

Photographer: Natchez Photography 

Exterior Cladding:
SIOO:X – FSC®-Certified Abodo® Wood
Species: Radiata Pine
FSC®-Certified: FSC® Mix Credit
Clear Vertical Grain (CVG)
Finished On Face Only, Sealed On Back & 2 Long Edges
Fine Sawn Face
Solid +/- 3/4” Thick x +/- 5-3/8” Wide
Tongue & Groove

Resting on a hilltop, the Bear Creek Residence offers stunning panoramic views of Thompson Station Town, making it an ideal location for those seeking suburban living within close reach of the vibrant city of Nashville, TN. The strategic use of wood complemented by farm-style windows and doors pays homage to the traditional southern aesthetic prevalent in the county. The FSC®-Certified Abodo Vulcan cladding, finished with SiOO:X, offers a distinctive touch to the home, promising a unique and evolving aesthetic as it matures with time.

SiOO:X Wood Protection system offers a long-lasting shield against outdoor environmental elements while providing a captivating aesthetic transformation. Unlike conventional coatings, SiOO:X penetrates deep into wood fibers, leveraging the natural environment to gradually cure wood over time, resulting in a color evolution that mimics natural weathering. With an eco-conscious formulation and superior longevity, SiOO:X has advantages over traditional coatings, ensuring sustainability and reducing maintenance costs. SiOO:X sets a new standard in modern wood protection, offering unmatched resilience and aesthetic appeal for commercial and residential projects.

reSAWN TIMBER co.’s SiOO:X Wood Protection on Abodo® Vulcan cladding is offered for exterior applications. Abodo Fine Sawn Face Vulcan cladding provides a unique, textured surface with beautiful grain depth. This fine-sawn texture opens the wood grain to allow for optimal coating performance.

Project Needs: The clients were seeking modern wood cladding to differentiate their home from the traditional properties in the surrounding area. Upon discovering reSAWN TIMBER co.’s products online, they were certain that our offerings could deliver the unique aesthetic they desired.

Project Solutions: The client selected SiOO:X Abodo Vulcan cladding for its unique weathering, protection, and performance features. When a guest house addition was incorporated into the original plan, reSAWN promptly initiated production of the additional materials, ensuring a seamless material match for the entire project.

Project Results: Despite a 3-month installation gap causing a temporary variation in the color of the SiOO:X cladding, the exterior quickly synchronized in aesthetics just a few weeks after completion. From material selection to installation and through the ongoing weathering process, the entire journey has proven to be an exciting and fulfilling experience for the clients.

Northworks is a full-service architecture and planning firm, with offices in Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Aspen, Driggs, and Jackson, WY.  Their team offers new building design, historic preservation, site planning, construction management, building conditions analysis and interior design services, including custom furnishings.

Sipple Homes prides itself on the individuality of each residence they construct. From concept to completion, each home is meticulously customized to meet the specific needs of every customer, offering distinctive character, meticulous attention to detail, and an outstanding customer experience, all backed by the assurance of quality construction the client can rely on.

Natchez Photography captures stunning architectural photographs that captivate viewers. They specialize in crafting a visual experience that showcases properties in their best light. Customer satisfaction is their priority, so they offer flexible solutions to meet each client’s unique needs.

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