SiOO:X: Abodo Vulcan Cladding

* Image shows SiOO:X weathered 6 months in exterior application (see below for day 1 image). Wood cladding needs UV exposure in order to achieve the weathered look.

SIOO:X Wood Protection on Abodo® Vulcan Cladding by reSAWN TIMBER co. for exterior cladding. reSAWN TIMBER co’s Abodo Fine Sawn Face Vulcan Cladding provides a unique, textured surface with beautiful grain depth. This fine sawn texture opens the wood grain to allow for optimal coating performance.


SiOO:X Wood Protection on Abodo Vulcan Cladding by reSAWN TIMBER co. for exterior cladding features a water-based and environmentally friendly finish, with a unique, patented formula based on silicon-potassium designed to accelerate the natural weathering process.

Weathered wood is an aesthetic that is increasingly sought after but the challenge is, how to achieve it without taking the risk of uneven weathering on different aspects of the building, or in protected areas, such as overhanging eaves. SiOO:X provides a solution by mirroring the natural aging process and accelerating the creation of the silver-grey appearance and giving long life protection in a completely environmentally friendly way. SiOO:X penetrates the wood and gives a light surface that is pleasant to touch. Apart from the surface being beautiful, it also is a barrier to algae, mould and rot from gaining a hold in the wood. The surface is very easy to wipe down making maintenance simpler. The SiOO:X treatment reinforces and strengthens the wood surface.


The treated wood is initially yellowish brown and a bit mottled. The curing and bleaching process starts on contact with water, and after 6–12 months your panel will begin to have a lovely, even silver-gray color. The process then continues for up to 3 years.

Vulcan thermally modified wood cladding is created from New Zealand plantation timber and engineered with a patented vertical grain orientation for superior weathering characteristics. reSAWN TIMBER co’s Abodo Fine Sawn Face Vulcan Cladding provides a unique, textured surface with beautiful grain depth. This fine sawn texture opens the wood grain to allow for optimal coating performance. The thermal modification process and vertical grain structure means Vulcan cladding has superior stability and reduced resin content.

Benefits of Vulcan Cladding finished with SiOO:X:

  • Outstanding dimensional stability
  • Warranty: 15 years against fungal decay (contact reSAWN for warranty details)
  • Moisture content : Approx. 7% MC (+/- 2%) at time of dispatch. Does not require acclimation prior to installation.
  • Vulcan Cladding has little or no corrosiveness on most metals (equivalent to untreated softwood) and can be placed in contact with most building materials – normal PVA, PU, MUF glues and RF resins can be used.
  • Expected dimensional change in structure: Width expansion approx 2%, length expansion approx 0.25%, thickness expansion approx 2.5% (from 7% MC to fiber saturation -variation will occur between boards).
  • Vulcan Cladding is approximately 50% more stable than flat sawn Radiata Pine.
  • Thermally modified pine is resistant to most wood boring insects.
  • Weight: 2lbs/sf (light weight cladding).
  • ASTM D5824 – Delamination Resistance.
  • ASTM D4442 – Moisture Content.
  • SFM 12-7A-1 – WUI Exterior Wall Siding and Sheathing (Vertical & Horizontal Applications)
  • Cal Fire Building Material Listing No. 8140-2379:0001

Sustainable Attributes of SiOO:X on Vulcan Cladding:

  • Zero VOC Finish (0 g/L)
  • Glue: New generation polyurethane adhesive – VOC, solvent and formaldehyde free.
  • FSC® certified: Mix Credit
  • Low carbon footprint: Abodo wood is an environmentally compatible substitute for carbon intensive materials.
  • 100% recyclable and reusable, naturally renewable
  • Has received the Declare label from the International Living Future Institute affirming product is Red List Free.

Contact reSAWN TIMBER co. for Exterior Install Guidelines

Note: For Sioo:x coated boards, end grains must be sealed using 3-coats of Sioo:x end grain sealer.

SiOO:X day 1 – scroll over image to see SiOO:X weathered on exterior for 6 months



  • Abodo material textures are for use in digital modeling software and are indicative only.
  • Appearance may be subject to natural or digital variation in color and surface appearance resulting in variation to the appearance compared to the actual installed product.
  • Colors may change / fade with exposure to the weather.
  • reSAWN & Abodo accept no liability for use of these textures.
  • Final sign-off on material finishes are the responsibility of the designer and / or client.

Additional information


+/- 3/4” thick X +/- 5” wide (WB10)
+/- 3/4” thick X +/- 5-3/8” wide (T&G)
+/- 3/4” thick X +/- 6-5/8” wide (T&G)
+/- 3/4” thick X +/- 5-3/4” wide (S4S)
+/- 3/4” thick X +/- 7” wide (S4S)
+/- 3/4” thick X +/- 4-3/4” wide (SEM or SEM-FLR)
+/- 3/4” thick X +/- 6-1/16” wide (SEM or SEM-FLR)
Contact reSAWN for custom dimensions / trim details


6'-16' Random Lengths


Available in WB10 (secret fix), T&G, S4S, SEM, and SEM-FLR




Exterior: Finished on face only, sealed on back & 2 long edges


Zero VOC Finish


EXTERIOR cladding


FSC® certified
Declare Red List Free


Fine Sawn