The Golden State Suites – Menlo Park, CA


Architect: Studio G Architecture 

Photographer: Daniel Gaines Photography 

AMITY – European White Oak
Original Cut, Character Grade
Prefinished with Matte Polyurethane, Voids Filled
Tongue & Groove, Endmatched, Microbeveled Edges and Ends
Engineered: 5/8” thick (4mm wear layer) X 7” wide X 2′-10’

Stair Nose:
European White Oak – Character Grade – Original Cut
AMITY Matte Poly – Voids Filled as Needed
Finished on Top and Face of Nose Only
Stair Nose Profile #3 – Square Nose, Eased Edge
Solid 5/8” thick X 4-1/4” deep X 4’ long
Microbeveled & Grooved Back End to Meet 5/8” Flooring

The Golden State Suites, conveniently situated in Silicon Valley and just a few miles from the San Francisco Bay, thrives in an environment defined by creativity, innovation, and technological advancement. Embracing this dynamic environment, the project implemented modern design elements, spacious open areas, and collaborative workspaces to cultivate creativity and teamwork among employees. This renovation incorporated AMITY European White Oak flooring and stairs, fostering a sense of sophistication that transforms the area, providing warmth, character, and a redefined atmosphere. 

Integrating authentic wood flooring into commercial settings seamlessly combines timeless aesthetics with practical benefits. The innate elegance of wood cultivates a sophisticated atmosphere, while its durability ensures resilience in areas with heavy foot traffic. The smooth surface simplifies maintenance, fostering a hygienic environment. Moreover, real wood’s natural insulation properties contribute to improved energy efficiency, ultimately lowering monthly operational costs. 

Project Needs: Studio G Architects reached out to their reSAWN Specification Consultant expressing interest in using European White Oak for several commercial projects within the business complex. Specifically, for the Golden Gate Suites, they aimed for a modern, clean look, relying on our products to realize their vision.

Project Solutions: Drawing from their experience with successful projects where they utilized AMITY European White Oak, they opted to continue using it for this project. Its versatility seamlessly aligns with the office’s aesthetic requirements and accommodates diverse functionalities.

Project Results: With years of collaboration between Studio G and reSAWN, mutual trust in our materials ensured the delivery of aesthetically pleasing and high-performing results. The warm tones of AMITY provided the office with a sophisticated and elegant ambiance, perfectly suited to its vibrant and energetic environment.

Studio G Architects is an award-winning architectural design firm specializing in interior and exterior projects of all scales, approaching each as a unique opportunity to tell their client’s story. Whether a new building or an existing suite, they work to deliver beyond expectations through an attentive understanding of each client’s purpose, visions, and goals.

Photographer Daniel Gaines has decades of experience working in architectural photography around the San Francisco Bay Area. From business portraits, interior design, and residential and commercial work, Daniel’s portfolio showcases diverse projects across different industries.

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