Trailblazer Project – Renton, WA


Builder: Lang Curtis Custom Homes

Designer: Citizen Designer

Photographer: Andrew Storey 

Exterior Cladding:
CUSTOM Shou Sugi Ban charred Accoya® wood
Species: Radiata Pine
FSC®-Certified: FSC® mix 70%
Burnt on face only, unsealed
Solid +/- 3/4″ thick x +/- 5-3/8″ wide x 6′-16′
Tongue & Groove

Arch Daily 

The Trailblazer Project is a 4,600 sq. ft. home in Renton, WA. The home is designed with four gabled volumes, each working in unison to form a compound of living spaces. The large pane of windows generously infuse the interiors with abundant natural light while offering captivating views of the surrounding forest. The aim of this project was to seamlessly blend the home with its natural surroundings. Citizen Designer chose reSAWN TIMBER co.’s CUSTOM charred Shou Sugi Ban Accoya® wood for the exterior cladding, introducing a smooth yet distinctive feature that enhances the overall design with an intriguing transitional element.

Shou Sugi Ban elevates the visual appeal of wood products by bringing out wood’s natural texture while delivering a tactile, three-dimensional visual effect. This adds a sense of depth and character to the cladding, effectively blending the residence with its surrounding elements.

Thanks to the heightened resilience of Accoya®, the dense outer char layer created during the Shou Sugi Ban process facilitates a smooth and graceful transformation of the wood. This process results in a captivating weathered appearance, enhancing the longevity of the wood. The charred layer serves as a protective barrier against pests, fungi, and decay. Accoya® wood is known for its sustainability and dimensional stability. When integrated with the Shou Sugi Ban technique, it amplifies the material’s inherent attributes and elevates its suitability for exterior applications.

Lang Curtis Custom Homes have maintained their commitment to crafting distinctive, high-quality homes for decades. They focus on providing homes with a unique quality that has a lasting difference, regardless of size or price range.

Citizen Designer is the design branch of Collaborative Companies based in Seattle, WA. Through thoughtful listening, experience, and innovation, they deliver creative solutions to transform modern living.

Andrew Storey is a photographer based in Seattle, WA. Andrew specializes in architecture, youth/education, and drone photography. His work is showcased in several architectural magazines.

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