Residence – San Carlos, CA

San Carlos, CA


361 Architecture & Design

Exterior Siding:
TORA – shou sugi ban charred cypress
Select Grade
Burnt on face only, sealed face & back
13/16” thick X 5-1/8” wide
Tongue & Groove

Interior Cladding:
DORO – shou sugi ban charred cypress
Select Grade
Burnt on face only, sealed face & back
13/16” thick X 5-1/8” wide
Tongue & Groove

In the hills of San Carlos, CA, 361 Architecture transformed a tired home into an inviting and functional space. The remodel included two types of shou sugi ban charred cypress from reSAWN TIMBER co.: DORO interior cladding & TORA exterior siding. Additionally, the renovations took advantage of the Northern California coastal hills.

“The intended aesthetic was a warm, modern feeling home,” 361 Architecture Founder, Daniel Weaver, said. Weaver specifically points to the juxtaposition of the shou sugi ban and fiber cement on the front-facing facade as an example of the design theme.

Moving from the TORA shou sugi ban and fiber cement facade through the foyer to the interior, DORO shou sugi ban clads a feature wall in the newly completed “great room.” 361 Architecture created the great room to highlight the spectacular views from the living room and dining area. The space was expanded primarily by installing a vaulted ceiling and a 24’ wide sliding glass door.

The sliding glass door opens up to the back porch that overlooks the San Carlos valley and features more TORA shou sugi ban siding. Of the cohesive use of TORA and DORO, Weaver says, “We brought a different stain of shou sugi ban into the interior of the house, both at the entry for and at the backdrop for the fireplace wall, which helped connect the vocabulary and aesthetic of the outside and inside of the house.”

With contrasts in color and texture, the project takes advantage of the location’s natural elements and original essence of the residence. Weaver says, “I think that we wanted to create something that was aesthetically different without ‘hitting people over the head’ with the design.”

reSAWN’s CHARRED offering features cypress, western red cedar, Accoya, Kebony, black walnut, red oak, white oak and reclaimed hemlock that is burnt in the Japanese tradition of shou sugi ban.  Our award-winning CHARRED products pay homage to the traditional Japanese technique of “shou-sugi-ban” aka “yakisugi” without being literal.  Historically very specific in their definition, “shousugi-ban” and “yakisugi” have become common nomenclature for modern charred wood designs in general.  All of reSAWN’s CHARRED products are made in the USA, in their facility in Telford, PA.

THREE SIXTY ONE weaves these three threads in a innovative approach to create healthy, enlivened architecture. With a background in construction, we work side by side with contractors to ensure the design intent and quality construction are executed. High quality construction and eloquent design must be inextricably linked for a successful project. With an emphasis on collaboration, we assemble teams drawing from a pool of qualified consultants that are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients and the project .

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