Ngārara Eco Development – Waikanae, New Zealand

Waikanae, New Zealand

First Light Studio Ltd

Exterior Cladding:
reSAWN TIMBER co. – Abodo®
SiOO:X:: Vulcan Cladding
NERO :: Vulcan Cladding

Carefully crafted by First Light Studio Ltd, a new housing Community featuring these eye-cathcing townhouses is nestled between Waikanae Beach and the Township is Ngārara.

The network of internal greenways and neighborhood parks at Ngārara keeps residence connected with nature. All while providing convenience and connection giving easy access to so many recreational and commercial amenities.

The aspiration was to create high-quality living while preserving the natural landscape. Surrounding areas consists of high value on the unique protected wetland and native bush; putting a greater emphasis on people than cars, while connecting naturally to the surrounding neighborhoods.

“The land has been lived on by four generations of the Smith family. The family feel intimately connected to the land and have made great efforts to protect and improve the properties native and natural assets.” – Maypole Environmental

Natural Systems, Connectivity, Social Equity, and Character are the four cornerstones of sustainable living. The “ground-up” approach to developing Ngārara into a series of residential neighborhoods is still new to New Zealand. It means we are designing it to fit with the existing environment, land and community; not impose on it.

In a project where preserving the natural landscape and connecting naturally with surrounding neighborhoods are two key drivers, Abodo®’s natural timbers fit perfectly.

Vulcan thermally modified wood cladding is created from New Zealand plantation timber and engineered with a patented vertical grain orientation for superior weathering characteristics. A fine-sawn face provides beautiful grain depth and optimal coating performance.

The thermal modification process and vertical grain structure give Vulcan cladding superior stability and reduced resin content. It’s naturally durable so the timber doesn’t require any chemical preservatives, and has a beautiful, consistent brown tone.

Vulcan Cladding in NERO finish creates a striking contrast with the lighter timber, finished in SiOO:X.

SiOO:X is a natural wood coating based on nature’s technology, which silvers off beautifully over time into a low maintenance patina.

Abodo® is a registered trade mark owned by Abodo Wood Limited.

Laurel Lane :: BRIZA weathered atlantic white cedar
Douglassville Residence :: CHEERIO European White Oak