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Based in New Zealand, Abodo® prides itself on producing a range of beautiful and durable timber solutions that are safe, sustainable, and renewable. The company has a strong ethos around ensuring its timber is ethically sourced and demonstrates extended producer responsibility. From milling to building, they respect their material, the people who use it, and where it comes from. For every tree milled, Abodo ensures it provides more than 30 years of service, which is as long as it takes to grow a replacement tree.

Vulcan Cladding

Vulcan thermally modified wood cladding is created from New Zealand plantation timber and engineered with a patented vertical grain orientation for superior weathering characteristics. A fine-sawn face provides beautiful grain depth and optimal coating performance.

The thermal modification process and vertical grain structure give Vulcan cladding superior stability and reduced resin content. It’s naturally durable so the timber doesn’t require any chemical preservatives, and has a beautiful, consistent brown tone.

Vulcan Decking

Vulcan Decking is created from thermally modified New Zealand plantation timber. It’s treated with an organic preservative system that includes water repellent for superior durability.


Vulcan Cladding Abodo NERO

Abodo’s thermally modified timbers stand the test of time, they are beautiful, durable and sustainable. Even better, they’re safe for people and the environment.

Lifetime beauty
Abodo timbers are crafted to be enjoyed for years to come. Designed to age with grace, Abodo products have exceptional weatherability and maintain their durability and beauty for a lifetime.

With tomorrow in mind
Abodo timbers are harvested from New Zealand’s FSC® certified rapidly renewable plantation forests. They are ethically crafted with respect from beginning to end – allowing us to meet today’s increasing needs without disadvantaging future generations.

radiata pine abodo

Abodo timbers are sustainably grown in New Zealand forests that we know and respect, whose rich soils and high annual rainfall ensure rapid growth. With a sustainable annual yield of around 1.8 million hectares of Radiata Pine, New Zealand’s high yielding Radiata Pine plantations are the perfect source for raw material.

New Zealand is the ultimate base for sustainable forestry. Consistently ranked the world’s least corrupt country, New Zealand is not adversely affected by the corruption that effects wood producers in Brazil, South East Asia and Africa.

We take a leaf out of nature’s book to design timbers that look better for longer.

Grown trees experience resistance (like wind) perpendicular to the grain – so we cut some of our timber vertically for greater stability and less surface cracking. This means they age with grace.


Benefits of Specifying Vulcan Cladding


  • Outstanding dimensional stability, resulting in less aesthetic maintenance and therefore less coating over the lifetime of the product.
  • Abodo Vulcan Cladding is produced from well managed sustainable sources including FSC® and other regionally certified woods. reSAWN TIMBER co. holds an FSC® Chain of Custody Certification, as well. 
  • Low carbon footprint: Abodo Vulcan Cladding is an environmentally compatible substitute for carbon-intensive materials. 
  • 100% recyclable and reusable, naturally renewable. 
  • Warranty: 15 years against fungal decay*.
  • Moisture content: Approx. 7% MC (+/- 2%) at time of dispatch. It does not require acclimation prior to installation. 
  • Abodo Vulcan Cladding has little or no corrosiveness on most metals (equivalent to untreated softwood) and can be placed in contact with most building materials Normal PVA, PU, MUF glues, and RF resins can be used. 
  • Expected dimensional change in structure: Width expansion approx 2%, length expansion approx 0.25%, thickness expansion approx 2.5% (from 7% MC to fiber saturation -variation will occur between boards).
  • Abodo Vulcan Cladding is approximately 50% more stable than flat sawn Radiata pine.
  • Glue: New generation polyurethane adhesive – VOC, solvent, and formaldehyde-free. 
  • Thermally modified pine is resistant to most wood-boring insects. 
  • Weight: 2lbs/sf (light weight cladding).
  • ASTM D5824 – Delamination Resistance. 
  • ASTM D4442 – Moisture Content.
  • Low VOC (85 g/L). * Our STERLING product is 0 VOC.
  • SFM 12-7A-1 – WUI Exterior Wall Siding and Sheathing


Abodo® is a registered trade mark owned by Abodo Wood Limited