North Face Showroom – New York City, NY

New York City, NY

Architecture & Design:
Rapt Studio

MERCER – north american white oak – original cut
Character grade – prefinished with matte polyurethane, textured surface, voids filled
Tongue & Groove, Endmatched, Microbeveled Edges and Ends
Solid: 3/4” thick X 5” wide X 2-10’ random lengths

About the Project

The North Face is a well established outdoor sports brand under the ownership umbrella of VF Corporation. The brand joins the likes of JanSport and Timberland in VF Corporation’s “Outdoor Action Sports” section. With the company’s background and identity as an outdoor sports clothing and equipment retailer, they were inspired by the ruggedness and simplicity of nature. Architecture and design team, Rapt Studio, used reSAWN’s MERCER white oak flooring, exposed ceilings, and brick walls to convey The North Face brand. Rapt Studio brought in New York Flooring, INC. as the flooring installer.

The North Face logo and deep, red color sit behind the distinctly shaped front desk that catches the overhead lighting of the lobby. Four different groups of mannequins stand on platforms, atop the MERCER white oak flooring, wearing North Face clothing and equipment from snowboarding gear to running shoes and shorts. One end of the mannequin room has two large offices that overlook the courtyard, and the other end of the room has a simple furniture set of two dark chairs, a gray couch, and a glass table. Behind the furniture reads The North Face’s motto, “Never Stop Exploring” in large black letters that reflect the natural sunlight coming through two windows overlooking New York City.

MERCER by reSAWN TIMBER co. features the unique character and grain pattern of our original cut North American White Oak. Original cut is a way of cutting the log that incorporates plain sawn, rift sawn and quarter sawn grain patterns and all grades and character marks into the final product. This seemingly simple cut actually requires advanced knowledge and experience in the milling and drying process of wood to ensure that the harder heart wood does not become brittle and break apart through the drying or milling process. This is not a new method of cutting but rather a modern take on a historic theme. early settler’s used this through-and-through method of sawing to quickly and efficiently produce flooring for their barns and homes. Original cut white oak’s unique blend of character and grain pattern recaptures this historic aesthetic for contemporary settings. Common character marks include knots, checks, streaks and worm holes. MERCER is white oak prefinished with polyurethane and a textured surface.

The North Face® fundamental mission remains unchanged since 1966: Provide the best gear for our athletes and the modern day explorer, support the preservation of the outdoors, and inspire a global movement of exploration.

Now more than ever, genuine, connected, and consistent wins. Great brands, like all meaningful endeavors or important causes, are led by people who believe. They gather and find power in belonging to something larger than themselves, find solace in a shared experience. Rapt Studio has been created in direct response to this philosophy. They are a group of believers – crazy talented, intensely focused, and curious to a fault. They are architects, designers of all sorts, strategists, and dreamers. They come together to create the genuine, connected and consistent experience necessary for a brand to thrive in 2016 and beyond.

New York Flooring Inc. has been delivering premium quality flooring services for over 30 years. Led by founder Mitchell DeLeonardis, the company has provided flooring construction ranging from corporate offices and showrooms to luxury retail boutiques and private homes. Their projects vary in size, scope, and location, yet their commitment to excellence remains the same. Their highly skilled tradespeople, and experienced management team powers their collaboration with general contractors, designers, architects and owners to create beautiful floors.

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