The Grounds – Hobsonville Point, New Zealand



Stanley Construction

Jiwan Singh

Hobsonville Point, NZ

Exterior Slats:
SiOO:XFSC®-Certified Abodo Vulcan Slats

The Grounds consists of 42 designer apartments and is New Zealand’s first engineered tall timber residential development. The project consists of four buildings, each three stories high. Minimizing construction time on site was a goal, with some of the building materials being prefabricated or pre-finished before being delivered on-site. With sustainability and eco-consciousness in mind, this development utilized Abodo’s locally sourced FSC® certified timber, with no added treatment chemicals. Abodo’s vertical slats were chosen for the screening due to its innate stability and superior weathering characteristics. The slats are finished with SiOO:X, which will weather to a beautiful silver-grey while offering overall low maintenance to the building.

The SiOO:X Wood Protection System is a reactive coating system that creates a unique protective barrier to timber. It is designed to minimize the frequency of maintenance when compared to other semi-transparent coatings by creating a surface that becomes more attractive as it ages. SiOO:X mirrors the natural aging process of wood by accelerating the creation of a weathered, silver-grey appearance while giving long-life protection in a completely environmentally friendly way.

Abodo thermally modified wood is another option that is durable and rapidly renewable. reSAWN TIMBER co.’s Abodo Vulcan slats are sourced from FSC® certified rapidly renewable New Zealand plantations. Engineered with a unique vertical grain, Abodo Vulcan slats have exceptional weatherability and maintain durability and beauty for a lifetime. Plus, with the release of an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), Vulcan wood is the first verified carbon-negative feature timber. Abodo offers a 15-year warranty against fungal decay.

Peddlethorp is a design and architecture studio committed to creating beautiful, sustainable and enduring built environments. They are 100% committed to sustainable design principles – producing resilient buildings that enhance the wellness of occupants with minimal impact on the environment. They support the need to lower carbon emissions by working towards a zero-carbon economy to ensure the environment is secured for future generations.

Abodo® is a registered trademark owned by Abodo Wood Limited.

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