Vitus Project – Seattle, WA


Architect: Graham Baba Architects

Interior Designer: Charlie Hellstern

Photographer: Kevin Scott

MATE – European White Oak
Original Cut, Character Grade
Prefinished with Hardwax Oil, Voids Filled
Tongue & Groove, Endmatched, Microbeveled Edges and Ends
Engineered: 5/8” thick (4mm wear layer) x 7” wide x 2′-10’

IIDA NPC INawards – INworkplace Mid Award

The Vitus Project entails the revitalization of a three-story structure in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood on 2nd Avenue. Constructed with a combination of timber and masonry, the building was renovated to welcome new retail and office tenants on the first and second floors. The upper floors have been tailored to suit the building owner’s needs, showcasing a newly added Penthouse structure and additional roof decks on both the east and west sides. As occupants move from one space to another, the consistent use of European White Oak creates a smooth and interconnected ambiance, promoting a sense of unity and flow within the overall structure. This intentional design choice reflects meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also thoughtfully functional.

The incorporation of authentic wood flooring into commercial spaces combines timeless beauty with practical advantages. The innate elegance of wood cultivates a sophisticated atmosphere, while its strength ensures resilience in areas with heavy foot traffic. The smooth surface simplifies maintenance, fostering a hygienic environment. Moreover, real wood’s natural insulation properties contribute to improved energy efficiency, ultimately lowering monthly operational costs.

reSAWN TIMBER co. offers interior elegance with our European White Oak collection, suitable for a range of applications such as wide plank flooring, wall and ceiling cladding, stairs, and custom designs. This wood species is valued for its tight grain pattern, appealing color and tone, durability, and biophilic elements. Our genuine wood flooring not only stands the test of time but also aligns with sustainability principles. European White Oak is offered in wide plank and original cut and rift & quarter options, and FSC® certification is available upon request.

Project Needs: Graham Baba Architects sought a sleek and simple aesthetic while respecting the inherent qualities of the existing building and its adaptive usage. The client engaged with a specification consultant from reSAWN TIMBER co., conveying a desire to integrate European White Oak flooring to meet their design aspirations.

Project Solutions: With confidence, the clients selected MATE European White Oak flooring for its refined grain pattern and timeless aesthetic. With its hardness and durable characteristics, the floor can endure heavy foot traffic without compromising the wood’s timeless charm.

Project Results: reSAWN has worked closely with Graham Architects on various projects. Their repeated satisfaction highlights the superior quality and aesthetics of reSAWN TIMBER co.’s products. Our European White Oak offered the versatile capacity to complement the aesthetic and functionality of each room of the Vitus Project. The richness of MATE’s grain pattern and the natural hues contribute to a warm ambiance, creating a hospitable atmosphere for both visitors and employees.

Graham Baba Architects, situated in the Pacific Northwest, is a distinguished firm recognized for their skillful craftsmanship in developing captivating commercial, residential, and artistic spaces. Whether revitalizing existing structures or constructing new ones, the firm is committed to infusing authenticity into every building.

Charlie Hellstern Interior Design crafts enchanting environments that embrace and foster the daily experiences of living, loving, working, and growing. Every space within the structure serves as a tribute to the unique preferences of the clients, unveiling and celebrating their individual sense of beauty.

Photographer Kevin Scott is renowned for his minimalistic approach, skillful utilization of natural light, and constant quest for serenity. His work seeks to capture the emotional essence of a location by embracing its ambiance and imperfections. Consequently, his photographs possess both cinematic and documentary qualities, reflecting a humanist spirit that naturally highlights people, whether in the frame or not.

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