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reSAWN has modernized the ancient Japanese shou sugi ban process to create high performance, beautiful wood products. The designs vary greatly in aesthetics from a fully charred black to a light, subtle gray. reSAWN uses only the highest quality wood species to ensure unmatched performance in any suitable application. Species include domestic western red cedar, cypress, white oak, red oak, black walnut, and reclaimed hemlock.

With continual experiments on charring techniques and finishes, reSAWN is committed to working with Architect and Designers to create projects that highlight wood’s natural beauty and sustainability. Shou sugi ban products are available for exterior siding, interior cladding, flooring, & custom furniture.


Enhanced Durability

reSAWN takes great pride in designing products on high-performance, stable domestic softwoods and contemporary modified woods. In addition, charring adds an extra layer of protection to wood’s structural durability. The shou sugi ban process carbonizes wood’s surface and creates an outer char layer that protects against rot, insects, and moisture related decay in exterior applications.

Unmatched Aesthetic

The modernization of an ancient process leads to shou sugi ban products featuring many color tones that fit with virtually any project aesthetic. Wood’s grain structure and natural character marks give it its beauty. The product line offers textural and tonal variation that takes advantage of wood’s rustic appearance. reSAWN’s designs have been used in very diverse project types from Silicon Valley startups to Pennsylvania residences.

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