CHARRED wood for exterior siding and interior cladding


the CHARRED collection :: shou sugi ban wood for exterior siding and interior wall cladding


TORA (cypress)

MOYASU shou sugi ban cypress

MOYASU (cypress)

HAI shou sugi ban cypress

HAI (cypress)


KUJAKU (cypress)


SORA (cypress)


TAIYO (cypress)


MURASAKI (cypress)


MONOGATARI (cypress)

KURUMI shou sugi ban

KURUMI (black walnut)


GOJASU (black walnut)

Nomura shou sugi ban

NOMURA (reclaimed hemlock)

NETSU shou sugi ban

NETSU (red oak)


HOWAITO (cypress)


SURETO (cypress)


DORO (cypress)


YASAI (cypress)


PINKU (cypress)


JINZU (cypress – interior only)


MIDORI (cypress – interior only)


MISUTO (cypress)


KUSA (cypress)


ORENJI (cypress)


HADAKA (cypress)


AKA (cypress)


OIRU (cypress)


AKUA (cypress)


AO (cypress)


GURE (cypress)


IRUKA (cypress)

KURO shou sugi ban exterior and interior wood siding

KURO (cypress)


reSAWN’s CHARRED collection features cypress, black walnut, red oak, and reclaimed hemlock that is burnt in the Japanese tradition of shou sugi ban.  Translated as “the burning of Japanese cypress (sugi)” or yakisugi, and traditionally used in Japan as exterior siding, this ancient technique is gaining new life as a unique and modern interior and exterior wall cladding.

The wood is carefully charred, doused in water, cooled, brushed to remove dust and loose debris, and then stained/sealed to create the unique designs you will find in the CHARRED collection.  The top coat sealer is applied prior to shipping (for exterior applications, we recommend sealing all 4 sides).  The charcoal barrier created through this process preserves the wood, and is fire, rot and insect resistant.  The burning process accentuates the wood grain and creates varying colors when viewed from different angles and in different light.


choosing the right material for your project

reSAWN offers a range of designs using the shou sugi ban technique.  ALL of our designs are appropriate for interior wall cladding, ceiling cladding and millwork (see below on RESILIENCY).

ONLY the cypress designs are appropriate for exterior siding.  With its legendary beauty and natural durability, cypress has long been a staple as an exterior wood siding product.  Because cypress generates its own preservative oil, called cypressene, it’s an ideal wood for locations with constant heat, humidity, and torrential rains.  The charcoal barrier created in the shou sugi ban process adds durability and longevity to this naturally durable wood species.


When evaluating resiliency with CHARRED materials it is a trade off – the heavier the char the more weather/rot resistant as is the intention of burning the wood, however, charcoal is soft, especially on a soft wood.

From an impact perspective KUJAKU and similar designs will be slightly more impact resistant then MOYASU or HAI as the char is only on part of the wood.  HAI and MOYASU are fully charred. HAI is the least impact resistant of the CHARRED materials due the deep charring (approx 1/8”).  There is also a trade-off in maintenance — HAI and MOYASU will be less maintenance long term as there is no wood grain exposed under the top coat due to the full char.

To maintain the original aesthetic of KUJAKU and similar designs, a top coat will need to be re-applied every 3-5 years or the wood grain will start to grey out.  This is not a defect, but a natural process of wood and a question of aesthetic.  Any wood siding product will grey the same and will require some form of maintenance including such materials as ipe, teak and soft woods such as cedar, cypress, hemlock.


CYPRESS shou sugi ban products are offered in SELECT grade or #2 COMMON grade.  The higher the grade, the better it is felt the wood will perform, especially in exterior applications.  SELECT grade allows for small pin knots and checks, but expect a generally clean appearance.  #2 COMMON grade allows for large knots and checks – this can create visual interest as the grain wraps around these different character marks.

BLACK WALNUT shou sugi ban products are offered in SELECT grade or CHARACTER grade.

NETSU is exclusively offered on select grade rift & quarter sawn red oak.  It is the grade and cut of this wood that gives this product its distinctive look.

NOMURA is a shou sugi ban product on reclaimed hemlock.  We are pleased to be able to offer shou sugi ban on a reclaimed wood species. Expect a good deal of character including large knots and checks.


These materials are meant to age in place. Exterior materials can be sprayed down with a hose and brushed with a soft bristle but are not meant to be power washed.  Over time, flaking of the charred surface may occur.  Flaking of the HAI design will reveal black underneath as the char on HAI is approx. 1/8” thick; the same applies to MOYASU, with a char of approx 1/16”.  Except HAI and MOYASU, these products include exposed wood which will naturally patina over time. Exterior materials may require reapplication of top coat as weather, sun and wind affect these surfaces.

Proper maintenance starts with visual inspection.  A time frame of two (2) – three (3) years on the south and west exposures and three (3) – four (4) years on the north and east exposures can be used as a general guideline. However, as weathering, exposure conditions, altitude, and applications can vary, maintenance may be needed sooner and should be performed when visually necessary, regardless of time frame.


CYPRESS shou sugi ban products are offered as S4S or with a Tongue & Groove or Shiplapped.

BLACK WALNUT shou sugi ban products are standardly milled with a Tongue & Groove and Endmatching.

NETSU is standardly milled with a Tongue & Groove and Endmatching.

NOMURA is available as S4S or with a Tongue & Groove.