Rittenhouse Residence – Washington D.C.


Location: Washington D.C.

Architect: Dynerman Architects

Photographer: Paul Burk

Exterior & Interior Cladding:
WILLIWAW – Weathered Alaskan Yellow Cedar
CVG (Clear Vertical Grain)
Finished on face only, sealed all 4 sides
Solid 3/4” thick x 5-1/8” wide x 6′-16′
Random lengths
Tongue & Groove

The homeowners of the Rittenhouse Residence, located in Washington D.C., constructed this addition to provide a space for gathering with friends and family. This area also facilitates a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience, allowing the occupants to enjoy the best of both worlds. The interior and exterior cladding of the extension features reSAWN TIMBER co.’s WILLIWAW Weathered Alaskan Yellow Cedar.

WILLIWAW is a high-performing, natural material with a weathered aesthetic. Clear vertical grain Alaskan Yellow Cedar contains few character marks. WILLIWAW is durable, dimensionally stable, resistant to rot and insects, and has a light tan/gray, weathered look.

Dynerman Architects is a small, versatile firm that has built a reputation combining design excellence and professionalism. Their portfolio contains high-end residences, academic facilities, and corporate offices. Their commitment to strongly advocating for their clients’ interests with professionalism, creativity, and honesty is unmatched.

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