Shelter Island Pool House – Shelter Island, NY

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New York Times Magazine

Shelter Island, NY

General Assembly

Exterior Siding:
MONOGATARI – shou sugi ban charred cypress
#2 common grade
Burnt on face only, sealed face & back
13/16” thick X 5-1/8” wide
Tongue & Groove

Located a brief ferry ride away from North Haven, NY, Shelter Island is a secluded coastal town with houses overlooking the water and ample places to watch the sunset. Upon arriving at the residence, an ivy archway with a rustic wooden door begins the path to the pool house that features reSAWN TIMBER co.’s MONOGATARI shou sugi ban charred cypress exterior siding.

An atypical pool house design, the shelter island property features two different buildings that are connected by an unfinished wooden pergola canopy. The buildings are one room structures that include NanaWall folding walls that turn the interiors into easily accessible, pool side leisure spaces.  Both buildings use reSAWN’s MONOGATARI shou sugi ban charred cypress exterior siding as a dark exterior aesthetic that accents the warmth of the interior design.

CHARRED using the ancient Japanese technique of shou sugi ban, MONOGATARI has a layer of protection from water, insect, and rot. The burning of the wood carbonizes the exterior layer, which causes the cells to resist the moisture absorption process. MONOGATARI is fully charred, brushed, and finished to accentuate the natural wood grain. With its legendary beauty and natural durability, cypress has long been a staple as an exterior wood siding product.  Because cypress generates its own preservative oil, called cypressene, it’s an ideal wood for locations with constant heat, humidity, and torrential rains.

Nestled between the world-famous Hamptons on the South Fork of Long Island and the pastoral North Fork wine country, Shelter Island embracess many of the best attributes of both. Despite the region’s rapid growth, Shelter Island has maintained much of its rural character and country charm. Residents and second-home owners enjoy year-round activities such as boating, swimming, fishing, cycling, golf, hiking and even ice-boating. Approximately one third of the Island’s land mass encompasses the 2,039-acre Mashomack Preserve.

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