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reSAWN offers weathered Atlantic White Cedar because of its propensity for resiliency, beauty, and versatility. Its lightweight, straight grain, ease of machining, ease of finishing, low shrinkage, and extreme resistance to decay make it a trusted and elegant option for both interior and exterior applications.

Our pre-weathered designs mimic the look of wood that has been exposed to years of exterior elements and left to weather with grace. This design solution solves for wood’s natural propensity to gray out by resembling a weathered look at the time of installation, with little aesthetic change as it ages in place. For interior applications, expect little to no change from the day of installation.


Grown along the Atlantic coast from Maine to Florida, atlantic white cedar is widely used as exterior siding material for its decay resistance and durability. We chose the domestic softwood for its ability to accept and hold finishes, which made it a perfect species for our weathered designs. The weathered designs provide an exterior material that will have minimal aesthetic variation throughout its lifecycle.

  • DURABILITY– Atlantic white cedar is a naturally durable softwood that creates extractives (Thujaplicans and Phenolics) that ward off decay caused by insects, water infiltration, and fungi. The extractives increase with age leading to a longer lasting product life cycle–especially in exterior applications.
  • DIMENSIONAL STABILITY– AWC has a very low shrinkage factor and is largely superior to all other coniferous softwoods in its resistance to warping, checking, and twisting.
  • THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY– AWC’s low densities gives it a high thermal insulating value because it contains a high proportion of cell cavities. In dry wood, these cavities are filled with air which is one of the best known thermal insulators. The R value is 1.35″ (34mm) of thickness.
  • FIRE RESISTANCE–reSAWN’s CHARRED and WEATHERED CEDAR have a Flame Spread Index of 40 and a Smoke Developed Index of 140 to give it a Class B Rating. They can be fire treated to Class A for interior projects.
reSAWN TIMBER co. ROARING 40s weathered atlantic white cedar

Knotty cedar presents a more rustic appearance and is typically supplied green (unseasoned) in the appearance and structural grades. When required, seasoning is achieved by air-drying except for grades of Light Framing and Structural Joists and Planks which are available kiln-dried.

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Minyama Luxury Home Vulcan Cladding Teak

Minyama Luxury Home :: ABODO TEAK Vulcan Cladding

This luxury home features Vulcan Timber in Teak finish, contrasting beautifully with the stone, concrete and aluminium exterior.
Betts Luxury Apartments Abodo TEAK Vulcan cladding

Betts Luxury Apartments :: ABODO Vulcan Screening in TEAK Finish

Abodo’s Vulcan timber is the ideal choice in timber screening for this stylish look in Nelson, New Zealand’s sunshine capital.
Blackburn Point Townhouses :: ABODO Vulcan Cladding in Straw and Walnut, Unfinished Vulcan Screening

Blackburn Point Townhouses :: ABODO Vulcan Cladding in Straw and Walnut, Unfinished Vulcan Screening

This resort-style development features a mixed palette of materials, including Vulcan Cladding in a clever contrast of Straw and Walnut finishes.

Sandstone Point Hotel :: ABODO PATINA Vulcan Cladding

Sandstone Point Hotel’s stunning exterior is clad in Abodo’s Vulcan Cladding, pre-finished in Abodo Protector in Double Patina is designed to “silver off”.
Vulcan Cladding Abodo NERO

Black Box Luxury Home :: ABODO NERO Vulcan Cladding

After three years of weathering, this show-stopping home is a magnificent showcase of Abodo’s Vulcan Cladding in Ebony finish.

Flying Into Whitianga :: ABODO Vulcan Cladding in SiOO:X Finish

Unique barn-style build in the Coromandel township of Whitiang, a magnificent showcase of Abodo’s Vulcan Cladding in Sioo:x finish.

Silver House :: ABODO Vulcan Cladding in Patina finish

Perched on a hill near beautiful Wainui Beach, the Silver House has been expertly designed by local design legend Shane Kingsbeer of Kingsbeer Architecture.

Kaiteriteri Family Bach :: ABODO Vulcan Cladding in TEAK & SiOO:X finish

This modern take on kiwi bach living features Abodo’s Vulcan timber cladding and screening in both TEAK and SiOO:X finish.

Coastal Wainui Home :: ABODO Vulcan Cladding

Abodo’s thermally modified Vulcan Cladding in STRAW was chosen for both the exterior cladding and interior walls of this beach-side home.

Husted Residence :: SANTA ANA Weathered Western Red Cedar

reSAWN's SANTA ANA preweathered Western Red Cedar exterior cladding on Husted Lane in Greenwich CT