shou sugi ban charred wood
for exterior siding & interior wall cladding


CHARRED BLACK :: for exterior siding & interior wall cladding

fscf5lyfa      indicated designs are available as FSC-Certified*

CHARRED BLACK features some of our most popular shou sugi ban designs including the fully charred HAI.  All Cypress, Accoya, and Cedar products are appropriate for exterior siding and interior wall/ceiling cladding.  NETSU is made using rift & quarter sawn red oak and in appropriate for interior applications only. KINOKO is made using reclaimed hemlock and is appropriate for interior wall/ceiling applications and millwork.  KINOKO may be used for some exterior applications depending on location – please contact reSAWN for more information.

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HAI shou sugi ban

HAI (cypress)

MOYASU shou sugi ban charred cypress

MOYASU (cypress)

KURO shou sugi ban exterior and interior wood siding

KURO (cypress)

MONOGATARI shou sugi ban

MONOGATARI (cypress)

KOI shou sugi ban

KOI (cypress)

1 Gerard Street Bellport, NY MATSU charred shou sugi ban Accoya

MATSU (accoya)*

UNAGI shou sugi ban charred accoya wood

UNAGI (accoya)*

DUNCAN shou sugi ban charred cedar

DUNCAN (cedar)

PACKARD charred shou sugi ban cedar

PACKARD (cedar)

NETSU shou sugi ban

NETSU (red oak)*

KINOKO shou sugi ban charred reclaimed hemlock

KINOKO (reclaimed hemlock)


Selection of shou sugi ban CHARRED collection installations

CHARRED collection

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