Perth, Australia

John Lewis Architects

Exterior Cladding & Slats:
Custom Abodo® Vulcan Slats with two coats of Straw Protector Oil and one coat of Teak Protector Oil
175mm x 40mm in 3m lengths for the slats
100mm x 40mm in 4.8 m lengths for the cabana ceiling

The Cottesloe House features many foundational materials, including timber cladding, solid timber slats, white render, black Milano render, and concrete. This luxurious private residence, designed to face a park, faced a challenge. The architect selected the solid Vulcan timber slats due to the problem of the direct western sunlight. 

The slats were slotted from behind and anchored onto a steel plate, resulting in no visible fixings from the home’s front or sides. Similar techniques were used on the cabana ceiling, attaching rods to the battens to help keep them straight and create a hidden fixing system.

The custom Vulcan Timber has two coats of Straw Protector Oil and one coat of Teak Protector Oil. Vulcan timber’s proven durability and stability are ideal for the dry environment of Western Australia.

Abodo’s thermally modified timbers stand the test of time, they are beautiful, durable, and sustainable. Even better, they’re safe for people and the environment.

Based in New Zealand, Abodo prides itself on producing a range of beautiful and durable timber solutions that are safe, sustainable, and renewable. The company has a strong ethos around ensuring its timber is ethically sourced and demonstrates extended producer responsibility. From milling to building, they respect their material, the people who use it, and where it comes from. For every tree milled, Abodo ensures it provides more than 30 years of service, which is as long as it takes to grow a replacement tree. 

John Lewis Architects is a boutique architectural practice providing high quality, individual residential architectural services. The practice commenced operating in 1998 and has since been involved in a wide variety of single and multi-residential projects.

Abodo® is a registered trademark owned by Abodo Wood Limited.

The Hangar :: ROARING 40s weathered atlantic white cedar
Kiln Lane House :: WALNUT Abodo® Vulcan Cladding